Article Directories: Is Using Multiple Article Directories To Get Backlinks A Good Idea?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 14, 2010
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articles-1Using multiple article directories to get backlinks to your website is definitely NOT a bad idea.

However, when using multiple article directories to get backlinks to your websites; care must be taken to only submit quality content and to use quality sites that have a good reputation and page rank with Google.

The primary danger of submitting an article to multiple article directories, is the possibility of losing your good reputation and being penalized for spammy behavior.

Ezine and other quality article sites can be used to get backlinks not only to your websites; but to your HubPages, Squidoo Lenses, blogs, affiliate landing pages, and even your squeeze pages.

I have found that the more links you can create using multiple article directories to get backlinks from high quality article sites, the better your results.

However, the better the quality of the article directory; the harder you have to work to submit quality content articles and to get your links inserted.

Ezine articles for example, requires that you do not send in any articles with direct affiliate links in them. They reject all articles with direct affiliate links.

They do allow you to forward/redirect to an affiliate link from the top level of a domain name that you own.

Forwarding to an affiliate link from: is permissible.

But, it would not be permissible to forward to an affiliate link from:


This is only one of Ezine’s many article quality standards that in the long run will maintain your author credibility and bring quality backlinks to your websites.

ezine-1You can get more “link juice” by creating two backlinks with Ezine Articles, and two backlinks via another quality article directory like, or Go Articles; instead of writing four articles to get backlinks via Ezine Articles.

Whether or not Google views the back links coming from one site or two different sites as being more important is unknown.  But by using multiple article directories to get backlinks to your websites, you don’t leave a traceable footprint for Google.

It’s always good idea to mix things up. You never want to leave a footprint by doing the same thing over and over again.

Another effective approach you can use, is to have one article on Ezine with the bio box pointing at your Hubpage.

Then write some additional articles and submit them to a variety of other quality article directories; and in those articles have the bio box point to the Ezine article.

If you really want to give your Ezine article a huge blast, along with the subsequent authority link from Ezine to your Hubpage; you can take the URL of each of your articles and use, or some other pinging service, to ping each article and submit each individual article’s URL to RSS feed aggregates.

Always try to get back links from as may different quality sources as possible.

Using this tactic along with using multiple article directories to get back links to your websites, is a sure fire way to increase your traffic and page rank.

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