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What Is Text Message Marketing?

What Is Text Message Marketing?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 31, 2015
Posted Under: Internet Marketing Strategy,Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing is a powerful, fairly new marketing channel that is specifically geared to smart phone users.

text message marketing

Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is also commonly referred to as SMS (Short Message Service) marketing or simply text messaging.

Text messaging allows cell phone users to send short messages to another cell phone or from the Web to another cell phone, that until recently could not exceed 160 characters in length.

With the advent of smart phones like Apple’s iPhone, the Android, and the Blackberry, savvy Internet marketers have understood that text messaging has become an integral part of everyday living and that text messaging is spreading like wildfire among all segments of the population.

So much so, that many states have now created laws prohibiting smart phone users from text messaging while driving.

Text message marketing can be used as a personal or economic communication tool, as well as for mass direct marketing campaigns, however, any text message sent to a mobile shopper must offer something worthy or of value to warrant the very personal interruption by the marketer.

When used correctly, text messaging is an effective strategy to instantaneously reach all types of people with your personal unique message about your product or service.

Research shows that mobile smart phone subscribers respond best to specials that offer exclusive or privileged information, are limited in quantity (only 13 left), or limited for a short period of time (offer good for 12 hours only).

Information about a “new” product line, or helpful tips on how to use a product or service also generates a great deal of positive response to smart phone subscribers when judiciously marketed.

Text message marketing can be quickly deployed and provides businesses with an unbelievable amount of exposure on their product or service, with the results being immediately visible.

You can increase sales and improve your bottom line with text message marketing if you are judicious with the frequency of your text messaging. Consumers decide how often they want to be contacted, not the marketer.

Careful monitoring of click through and unsubscribe rates is extremely important to become an effective text message marketer.

Begin by sending consumers a text message twice a month.   Monitor the click through and unsubscribe rates and if they are minimal, increase your text messaging to once a week.

Savvy mobile marketers will offer a Weekly Special, or a Daily Special Offer to consumers who “sign up” for the special.  This gives the consumer the option of how frequently they want to be contacted, of if they do not want to be contacted.

Polling mobile subscribers is a great way to identify how effective your text message marketing campaign is progressing.  Although many consumers shy away from polls, the ones who respond will be forthcoming and are usually quite candid.

You will never know what your consumers want if you don’t ask them, and you would be amazed at just how much information you can gather from customer feedback.

Because text message marketing is such a powerful and effective strategy, it should be seriously considered as part of your overall Internet marketing to increase sales and your bottom line.

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