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Simple Suggestions To Ensure That Your Emails Are Mobile Friendly

Simple Suggestions To Ensure That Your Emails Are Mobile Friendly

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on September 19, 2015
Posted Under: E-Mail Marketing

Here are some simple suggestions to ensure that your emails are mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly Emails

Mobile Friendly Emails

Most people check their emails using their Personal Computers, but many more use their smart phones several times a day along with their personal computers to keep up with their emails.

Many people check their emails on their Android or iPhone before they even get out of bed in the morning, and most will recheck their emails several more times during the morning and throughout the day.   On an average day, a smart phone user will check their emails at least a couple of dozen times during a 24 hour period.

Needles to say, smart phone usage has sky rocketed and so has the growing number of people who use mobile devices to read their emails.

Well over 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device of some sort, and for the past few years the number has been rising to well over 500%.   You can bet the farm that in the future, the numbers will continue to rise.

The point is that you need to ensure that your emails are mobile friendly if you expect results.

So what constitutes a mobile friendly email?

Mobile friendly emails are simply emails that look great regardless of where they are read.   They can be optimally displayed and look equally good on a desktop computer, a laptop, or on mobile devices.   This means that regardless of where your potential customers reads your emails, they will be equally user friendly.

Ensuring that your emails are mobile friendly is not complicated, in fact it’s actually pretty easy if you heed the following suggestions.

Although the newer mobile devices are leaning towards larger sized screens, the reading area is still not comparable to that of a desktop or laptop computer.  For this reason, it’s better to create emails using a single column template.

A multi column email template will have potential customers scrolling all over the place on a mobile device trying to read your message, even if they have one of the newer large screen phones.  Multi column templates also cause problems with navigation of the content.  Single column templates are generally much more flexible for all screen sizes and will make your emails much easier to read.

When designing mobile friendly emails, your message to potential customers should be clear and concise.  This applies to all emails, but because of smaller screen sizes, it is especially important for emails that are read on mobile devices.  Keep the design clean and simple.  Your focus should be on only what is essential to get across your point.

Font and text size goes hand in hand with email design.  Because of the relatively small screens in mobile devices, it is important that your text can be easily read.  Avoid using tiny and odd ball fonts in your messages.

Use a 22pt text size for your headlines, and at least a 14pt font in the body of your message.

Another thing to consider when creating mobile friendly emails is contrast.  To conserve battery life, many mobile phone users reduce the brightness level on their devices.  In addition, with most mobile devices, it is usually extremely difficult reading an email outside in the daylight.

For this reason, strong contrasting text colors are recommended to ensure that your emails are mobile friendly.   A black or extremely dark text on a white or very light background is the easiest to read in both of the scenarios above.

Images take time to load and take up valuable space.  For this reason, use only images that are essential in getting your point across in your emails. One or two images per email is ideal for mobile devices and even then, your images may not be seen by potential consumers.

Android and many other mobile platforms turn off email images by default.  So, you can’t always be sure that your images are being displayed properly in the recipient’s email.  A recipient using the Android platform will initially see only boxes of white space where the image should be, unless you include the alt text of the image description.  Then they will see the description of the image until they turn on “images”.

IPhone users don’t have this problem.  The Apple Iphone operating system automatically enables email images by default.

Your email messages should be easily readable and look great regardless of whether or not images are displayed.

The last suggestion to ensure that your emails are mobile friendly should be included at the top of your email first; the clear call to action.

Be concise when including a call to action.  Tell your reader what you want them to do and make it easy for them to do it.  Don’t confuse things by including multiple calls to action in a mobile email.

If you want your reader to visit your web site, include the link in large button for them to click that is easy to find.  If you want your reader to buy something now, include the link in a “Buy Here” button that is easy for them to find.  Regardless of what action you want your reader to take, make it large, loud, and clear so there is no confusion.  Mobile devices do not have a mouse, just the recipient’s finger, so make your call to action easy to find and to click.

To ensure that your emails are mobile friendly, give these simple suggestions a try.

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