How You Can Easily Be Making Money With Private Label Content

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 12, 2010
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inspiremeplrWhen it comes to making money with private label content, quantity vs. quality is a definite consideration.

You should never give up quality for quantity, but quantity is the key when  making money with private label content.

The gist of this strategy, is to set up as many quality mini websites as possible, on as many different niche topics that you can get private label content for.

The more sites you set up, the more total money you generate.

Generally, you can set up a mini website in about and hours time.   And, the more sites you construct, the faster and easier it becomes to get one uploaded to the Internet.

Create each mini site with private label content with about 25 pages on each site.

You make money several ways with these mini sites, but mainly with Google Adsense

Each page of your mini site will have Google AdSense advertising located in three different areas of each page.

A single website should earn you about $10 to $15 per day, and you will need to set up at least ten websites to begin with.

Here is where the quantity aspect comes in.  The more websites you set up, the more money you will be earning.

It’s simply a numbers game, and it doesn’t really matter if the search engines pick up your websites or not.

You can also include a Clickbank Directory Search box, at the bottom of each page that you create, to earn you even more cash.

When clicked, the Search Box takes your visitor to a Clickbank directory that has a bunch of books related to the niche topic of your mini site.

And, when visitors click and purchase a product or service from their search; you earn an affiliate commission from the sale.

It’s a good idea to place some videos related to your niche on the very bottom of your site, “just for fun”.

It really doesn’t matter if you put them on your site or not.  They are there only to get and keep your visitors attention.

You could put up YouTube video advertisements to earn some additional income; but don’t put any banners on your site.

Some marketers also include Amazon ads in the sidebar of each page, to generate a bit more income.   Just be careful about having too many “click” opportunities on your sites.  This tends to turn off some visitors and leads many visitors to believe that your private label content niche site, is nothing more than one big advertisement.

Getting traffic for your private label content sites can be accomplished using only three methods.

If you spend at least a couple hours a day funneling traffic to your private label content websites, you should start earning $10 to $15 a day on the AdSense advertising alone.

When you create 20 to 30 quality sites with your private label content, that make anywhere from $10 to even $25 dollars each.  You’re talking about some serious money.

The great part about  making money using private label content using this strategy; is that once you do the initial work, your sites are basically on “auto pilot” and continue to generate revenue with only a little “tweaking” now and then.

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