Article Marketing: What Makes Article Marketing So Effective?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 15, 2010
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Article marketing is an incredibly effective method that is still being widely used by most successful marketers; but what makes article marketing so effective?

We know that all of the really smart marketers have been using articles as a core part of their marketing for years. It’s one of those high payout strategies that make not using it just crazy.

What makes article marketing so effective is it’s ability to drive traffic, build backlinks to your website, versatility, and bring maximum exposure for your website, business and business brand.

By submitting articles to article directories, the marketer builds instant credibility, instant links that boost your search engine rankings, and almost instant traffic from the article sites.

What makes article marketing so effective is the long term residual benefits from improved search engine rankings and your articles being picked up by publishers on other sites.

Every well written article that you submit, will produce immediate results and increase your profits for many years in the future.

What makes article marketing so effective is really just this simple formula.

The more well written articles you write, and the more article directories that you submit them to, the more money you will make.

Well Written Articles X Directories = More Net Profits

If you have 10 well written articles that you submit to 100 directories; you get 1,000 published articles with the potential to produce a lot of money. However, there is one problem.

It usually takes much longer to submit your articles to the directories, than it takes you to research and write your article.

Since article marketing isn’t about wasting your precious time submitting your articles, you are faced with a dilemma that basically leaves you with  these choices.

  • Submit your articles only to a short list of select directories. (This results in less distribution.)
  • Submit articles to a long list of directories. (This wastes time that could be spent writing more articles.)
  • Pay someone to submit your articles for you. (This not only eats up profits, but leaves you unsure of the actual number of articles submitted.)
  • Using automated article directory submission software. (This may be costly and provide shaky results.)

What makes article marketing so effective is the ability for articles to be picked up by different publishers, and quickly transmitted throughout the Internet.

You can take your article marketing to another level, by submitting your articles to not just a few, but to hundreds of different article

So submitting articles manually, really isn’t a practical option. It would require you hours, if not days to do so.

Fortunately, there are now some software tools available that will do the work for you, have been around for a long time, and do the job very well.

This particular example is an both article rewriter and a directory submitter.

Most of the better article submission tools have a higher cost that can put many people off.

However, if you plan to use article marketing in your business, then I have to say that this tool is what makes article marketing so effective and is a ‘must have‘.

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