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Niche Markets

Look To Amazon For Inspiration On Finding Your Market Niche

If you are new to Internet marketing and looking for a profitable niche market…. try looking to Amazon for inspiration on finding your market niche. Amazon.com is the worlds largest online retailer and sells just about everything you can think of under the sun. It is also a great place to research red hot niche […]

Niche Markets: Follow Your Passion Or Follow The Money?

The most common debate among Internet marketers when researching profitable niche markets is whether to follow your passion or follow the money. Are you better off looking for a niche market that you know something and are passionate about, or should you follow the money and go where the most money is most likely to […]

Discovering Profitable Niches

Discovering profitable niches is perhaps the most problematic aspect of Internet marketing for beginners. Unless you already have an idea in mind, you’ll need to spend some time looking for a product or service that you can profit from and that can be successfully marketed to the public. Discovering profitable niches requires some serious investigation. […]