Pre Selling: How To Pre Sell Your New Product

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 16, 2010
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Now that you have created a product, or have purchased the rights to a product; you need to learn how to pre sell your new product the public.

Marketing a product takes time and even the most beneficial product requires pre selling in order to get people excited about it.

The more people who become aware of your product and get excited about it before it’s release; the easier it will be to sell to your customer base.

If you already have people subscribed to your newsletter and have built a substantial customer base, you should be well on your way to pre sell your new product.

If you don’t already have a customer base, you need to find a way to connect to customers who would like to purchase your new product.

Don’t worry, there are many ways to hook up with potential customers.

If you have a blog that is well established, you can pre sell your new product there by posting your pre order offer to your visitors.  However, you may have to include a free sample of your new product on your sales page to get their attention.  People love freebies.

You can also use Facebook ads to target potential customers, but again you may need to win them over with a freebie of some sort.  Give them an incentive to purchase from you.

To pre sell your new product you need to offer potential customers something immediate; like the first couple of chapters to your digital ebook, or a trial period or limited function version of your free software.

To pre sell your new product to novelists; try offering a snipped story of your novel, or possibly a story that is one of a series.

To pre sell your new product to artists; you can get their attention by offering a preview of a song or whatever.

The point is; regardless of your product, you need to give people something immediately to make the sale.

Exclusivity is also something that can be used to pre sell your new product.

A unique promotional item like a named pen, bookmark, key chain or something as simple as an autographed day planner or book works wonders.

If you can come up with something inexpensive and unique that the customer would really want; you can then sell then on the idea that they can only get the item with their pre order.

To pre sell your new product you also need to make your offer as convenient as possible.

Use PayPal or some similar service for payment.  PayPal is much easier than having your customers type in all the information required in a credit card purchase.

For your freebies or digital copies, offer them a convenient download link on your thank you page and confirmation email.  Also include a convent way for your potential customers to pass your offer to their friends.

To really pre sell your new product, you need to give people what they expect and then some.  Always over deliver and never over hype!

You can make a sale, but if your customer is disappointed with what they receive from you; you will never get another shot at selling that customer.

People normally expect to pay less for items they buy online, so if you can sell your product less than what it would cost in a store or on a competitor’s website, you’re way ahead of the marketing game.

By learning how to pre sell your new product and following these simple suggestions; you’ll discover how much easier it is to sell your product online.

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