Web Traffic: Four Tested Web Traffic Secrets That Work

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on September 24, 2010
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There are four tested web traffic secrets that work exceptionally well for getting web traffic and back links to your website.

Despite the growing use of “auto blogs” and various “black hat” techniques, these tested web traffic secrets work and will keep you ranked high in the search engine results for your market niche, long after the others have disappeared.

These web traffic secrets work regardless of whether you’re promoting an affiliate product or your own product on your website.

  • The number one way to get “constant” traffic to your website, is by updating your website on a constant basis with new content. Write a post or two every day if possible.

content-2By doing this daily, your website grows in size and this is what Google and the other search engines like.  This is also why blogs are so loved by Google.

By updating your site on a daily basis, your site will become popular and each page you write will get ranked somewhere in Google.

The more pages you have indexed in Google, the better your chance of getting ranked for several keywords, which results in web traffic.

The best thing about it is, when you’re ranked in Google and your ranking becomes stable; you’re going to get constant web traffic so you won’t have to worry about all the other traffic driving services or methods.

  • The second method of driving web traffic to a website, as well as increasing your search engine listing, is by using articles.

expert_author_1Here is where many people go wrong when using articles. The biggest mistake is not to submit your articles to more than one article directory.

People submit their article to Ezine articles or GoArticles, sit back and magically expect to receive a vast amount of traffic delivered to their website.

The fact is that Ezine and GoArticles aren’t as powerful as they once were, especially if you’re in the internet marketing or affiliate marketing industry.

Besides, it’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.  I learned this in the stock market a few years ago.

Instead use article distribution services to submit your written articles to hundreds of sites at once.  This will get you a ton of web traffic and back links to your website.

Two seriously good sites for distributing articles are:

  • articlemarketer.com
  • submityourarticle.com

They will distribute your article to all the different sites, as well as RSS feed directories plus, they email journalists and webmasters who signed up to receive articles within a certain category.

This generates a serious amount of exposure and back links.

  • Submitting videos is the third method of getting web traffic to your site.

youtubeMost people go wrong with this method by using only YouTube.   Are YouTube and Google Video the only games in town? Obviously not!

Like submitting articles, you need to spread your reach, so start using these two free video distribution sites:

  • tubemogul.com
  • heyspread.com

Heyspread.com charges $1. for submitting videos to about 18 to 20 websites, but tubemogul.com does the same job or better  for free.

First you sign up to these websites and then go through all the different video sharing sites that they submit to, and sign up to all of them.

Next you provide tubemogul.com with the user names and passwords for the sites you signed up for.

From that point on, when you upload your video to tubemogul and click submit; your video will be automatically submitted to all the video sites you signed up for without any additional work on your part.

This drives an enormous amount of web traffic to your website.

Now, how do you get web traffic with your videos?

There are two ways to get traffic to your website with your video presentations.

First; you absolutely must include your URL in the video, throughout the video presentation.  It has to be “stuck” there so viewers have to look at it.  Unconciously, even if a viewer doesn’t like it, it stays in the viewer’s mind.

Second; you have to place the URL inside the description of the video.  You need to put your website’s FULL URL here; HTTP://www.yourwebsite.com/, so that the website actually hyperlinks it.  And then you need to give the description of the video.

Your web traffic will come from viewers who directly typed in the URL when they saw it in your video presentation, or from people that click the URL link in the description.

Always remember to optimize your videos!

  • The last method you can use to get web traffic to your website, which is also probably the least used; is press releases.

man_prPress releases get vast distribution, particularly with a paid service.

Websites like PR.com will give you a serious amount of website distribution.  They even email journalists, and if your press release is well written and you get lucky; you may even get it submitted and published in a magazine.

Getting your press release published in a magazine can really get you serious exposure.

The great thing about press releases, is that they get published on authority sites and because it’s going to get distributed, will provide you with some great back links to your website.

One word of caution; make sure you know how to write a press release.

If you don’t know how, learn.  You don’t want to submit your press release to a paid distribution site and spend your money only to have your press release rejected because it is an advertisement.  You need to write a very good press release and “announce something”.

You can write a press release about affiliate sites, but you need to write it as an announcement, not a promotion or an advertisement.

Updating your website constantly
Using article distribution services
Using video submission services
Using press releases

These are four tested web traffic secrets that work; use them!


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