Yahoo Answers: How To Get Targeted Traffic In Less Than One Hour Using Yahoo Answers

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on September 22, 2010
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yahoo-answers1There is a legitimate way to get targeted traffic in less than one hour to your website using a simple technique that doesn’t cost you any money;  it’s called Yahoo Answers.

Although many people don’t believe you can get targeted traffic to your site in less than an hour, believe me with Yahoo Answers, you can.

The strategy is simply to answer questions that people need information about, on topics that are in or similar to what your market niche is all about.

You first need to sign up for a free account at Yahoo Answers.

You can Google Yahoo Answers or from the Yahoo toolbar on your browser, or type in Yahoo Answers to get you there.  The URL is

When you get to the site and sign up for your account, you will find a straight forward site that allows you to Ask questions, Answer questions, or Discover the best answers to questions that were chosen by the community.

To begin to get targeted traffic to your website, Click on the “Answer” button.

An “All Categories” drop down list of categories will then appear.

Select a category that is best suited to your market niche.  When you click your category, you’ll get a drop down list of sub-categories that when clicked, will give you a list of questions people need answers for in that category.

You can isolate the questions you want to answer into groups, by clicking on “Newest”, “Most popular”, or “Fewest Answers”.

When you find a question you have a good answer for, simply click on it and provide your answer.

A source box is below each answer you provide, where you can place the URL of the website you used to research your answer.

If you happen to your own website; just provide the URL to your website, preview your answer, and when you’re satisfied with your answer submit it.

Yahoo Answers gives points  for the answers you provide and initially, at the first level, you are limited to 20 answers daily.

With Yahoo Answers, this is more than enough to get targeted traffic and backlinks to your website.

As you answer more questions, you can progress to higher levels and are then allowed to answer more questions on a daily basis.

As with any website or blog, the more useful the answers you provide, the more “authority” you gain in your community.  As you rack up points and gain higher levers, you build your reputation as an expert in your field or market niche.

Getting targeted traffic
in less than an hour is usually not a problem, as people will click back to your website to see where the answers came from.

It’s NOT a good idea to only use your website as the sole source of information for your answers.   This could be considered abuse or exploitation of the community, so be judicial and you won’t have any problems.

Yahoo Answers is a great economical way to get targeted traffic and backlinks to your website in a very short period of time.

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