Using Directory Submissions To Get Noticed

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 25, 2010
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Using directory submissions is one of the best methods of obtaining one way incoming backlinks to your website, improving your website’s ranking, and promoting newly constructed websites.

Directory submissions are probably the most economical way of doing this.

When it comes to link building strategies and increasing targeted traffic to your website; using directory submissions is hard to beat.

Web directories can be described as being something like a huge online reference library.  And, the directory listings are how you get increased targeted traffic and increased business to your website.

Because directory submissions are more effective with proper placement; proper title and descriptions must be selected to relevant categories in order for your website to achieve the most visibility.

Most web directory owners are extremely dedicated to creating a quality directory and are not primarily interested in just making money.

Although paid web directories offer premium services with faster approval times, you can quickly get nickel ed and dimed to death if you overuse them.

Free directory submissions are just as good as the premium services that are offered by most of the web directories.  The difference is that you just have to wait longer for your website URL to be approved by the directory site owner and you may have to place a code for reciprocal links on your website in order to be accepted.

When using directory submissions, here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Don’t disguise your listing and submit the same URL more than once. Persistent automatic submissions can cause you to be banned.
  • Avoid using the same title, the same exact description, and the same keywords in all of your directory submissions. It looks unnatural to the search engines when they see one way links from many different sites using the exact same link text, or title of your submission.
  • Listings should be made only in those directories that are search engine friendly and which are indexed by the search engines.
  • Do not submit websites that are comprised of primarily affiliate links.
  • Before using directory submissions, it’s important that you find keywords that work best for your business.  Never ignore the importance of doing proper keyword research.You should already have developed keyword rich titles and descriptions for each of your listings, before using directory submissions.
  • Using multiple titles and descriptions will also help maximize your search engine optimization efforts when using directory submissions.
  • Avoid duplications. Prior to using directory submissions and before you submit your website, be sure to check that your site is not already listed in the directory.
  • As long as your website has been properly listed in the directories, the search engines will crawl and index your website. Further site submissions to the search engines will not be required.
  • To be successful, directory submissions must deliver good Google Page Rank or high quality traffic.
  • Listings from niche directories can provide you with great niche related links and because niche directories do such a fine job of sub categorizing within the main topic area, they are more useful to everyday users.

Most niche directories are older, have a larger human user base, and will carry more weight with the major search engines.  This results in more targeted traffic and higher quality one way backlinks to your website.

Using directory submissions in any market niche will get you a ton of  backlinks, improve your website ranking, and definitely get your website noticed online by the search engines and your human user base.

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