Affiliate Marketing: Using The Power Of Testimonials

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 22, 2010
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testimonialsAffiliate marketers have learned long ago how using the power of testimonials can influence the behavior and buying decisions of consumers.

A carefully chosen testimonial will often convince prospects to try your affiliate product, service or membership and is often the part of your sales letter that will close the deal.

Many affiliate marketing sites are also using the power of testimonials from satisfied customers on their home pages for their visitors to view.

Successful affiliate marketers have learned that using the power of testimonials can also increase their credibility with potential customers.

To really stand out from the pack, you can invite personalities to speak for you and create an audio or video testimonial that you can place on your site.  Or, you can just use the transcript from the audio or video testimonial on your sales or squeeze pages.

The more famous the personality that you invite to do your testimonial; the more impact the testimonial will have on your potential clients.  Unfortunately this can become quite expensive, especially if you pick a really well known celebrity.

Fortunately, using the power of testimonials is not limited to affiliate marketers with deep pockets.

You can still effectively compete by using your own satisfied customers or members.

Often an honest, well written, fully satisfied customer’s testimonial is worth as much as those of famous celebrities.  As long as the testimonial is well written and based on an actual true experience; it can be just as convincing and effective as that of any well known celebrity.

When using the power of testimonials to promote your affiliate products;  never create or use a fake testimonial in your promotional content.  This is the quickest way to lose credibility with your prospects and could mark you forever as a FAKE.

The so called “designer testimonials” that are tailor written for specific requirements, will eventually catch up with you if you use them, so don’t do it!

Using the power of testimonials that are real, is much more preferable to taking shortcuts with “designer testimonials” that could cause you to lose your credibility as an affiliate marketer.

Testimonials are regularly used in affiliate marketing to promote an affiliate’s site, attract new customers, pick up new recruits and to compete directly with other known brands.

Another person’s word is an incredibly powerful incentive to purchase.

Most consumers prefer purchasing a product or service that has been recommended to them by someone; preferably a friend or relative.   When offered identical affiliate products at the same price; the majority of buyers will purchase from the marketers that provide glowing testimonials about their affiliate product or service.

This should tell you something about using the power of testimonials when promoting your affiliate products or services.

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