Search Engine Marketing: How To Research And Target Keywords Using Free Tools

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 5, 2010
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This article will show how to research and target keywords using free tools that are available from Google.

First you need to understand that targeted keywords generate qualified traffic.

Ranking for relevant keywords is much more important than focusing on scoring tons of traffic that may or may not convert well on your web site.

There are two free tools available in the Opportunities section of Google AdWords, and two advanced search tools that are available in the left sidebar of the Search Engine Results Page that are extremely useful in finding relevant keywords.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that they are all FREE?

wonderwheel-2Google’s Wonder Wheel is an amazing free service that allows you to easily refine the more popular and very competitive keywords, to come up with relevant longtail keywords for your search engine marketing.

The Wonder Wheel is located in the left column of the search engine results page, and is extremely easy to use to harvest potentially useful long tailed keywords.

Under the “more tools” section, you can also find Related Searches and Timelines, that can be used to narrow down your keywords.

Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator are both available in the Opportunities section of Google Adwords.

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is used to do additional research on the list of keywords that you generated from the Google Wonder Wheel tool.

With the Keyword Tool, you can get a general idea of the amount of traffic and the level of competition that a keyword has on Google; and either keep, or discard the more competitive keywords.


Google AdWords Keyword gives you the ability to go through your preliminary list of keywords and identify which keywords receive the most competition.  It also identifies keywords that receive far less traffic than what is desired.  Essentially, the tool functions like a micro keyword finder.

Like the Google Wonder Wheel, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool also does an excellent job of generating relevant targeted keywords.

When you have learned how to research and target keywords using free tools from Google, don’t forget to study the search engine results page, to determine whether it’s possible for you to easily rank with the keyword you have finally settled on.

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