Affiliate Marketing Tips – Finding Long Tailed Keywords To Capitalize On

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 24, 2010
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So exactly how do you go about finding long tailed keywords to capitalize on in your niche market?

Now that you’ve found a lucrative niche market, a killer converting product, and are ready to construct your new website; you’re ready to start finding long tailed keywords to capitalize on the millions of people who surf the web on a daily basis.

The problem is, how do you go about doing it?

This simple free method, will find killer long tailed keywords, for you to create your websites around.

The first thing you need is to Google “keyword tool” and enter your main keyword for your market niche.  It can be Internet marketing, golf, dog training, fishing, or whatever.

When you initially enter you main keyword, make sure that you keep your keyword broad.

To begin, put your term into the phrase search, on the right side top of the results.  Then click once on monthly searches, and you will be listed in order of the most searches, to least searches last month.

Keywords with millions of searches or even several hundred thousand searches per month, you can basically forget about.  These keywords are something you can’t do overnight and often take years of back linking to achieve.

Concentrate on 10k or less searches per month.  This is where you will start finding long tailed keywords to capitalize on.

To find the amount of direct competitors for each keyword, open, and type in each search term into a search bow with quotes around it.

A good formula to use is this:  Use keyword phrases with less than 50k direct competition, and more than 3000 searches per month in the phrase search.

Do this for 20 or more keyword terms until you find a few good keywords for optimizing.

Get the best ones and plug them back into the keyword tool.   Then look for some additional killer keywords to flesh out your phrase.

The process in a nutshell is:

  • Choose your market niche
  • Type the broad niche name into the Google keyword tool
  • Dig deeper to compile a list of killer keywords to monetize
  • Change search to “phrase” and sort by monthly search volume
  • Select your keywords, place them in quotes, and plug them individually into Google search to get your accurate competition.
  • Repeat the process until you get good keywords to monetize.

If you concentrate on the job at hand, the entire process should take you only about an hour or two to complete.

Finding long tailed keywords to capitalize on isn’t exactly rocket science, but it does take some time and common sense to achieve success.

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