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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 9, 2011
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website_flippingMaking money online flipping websites is often more profitable than flipping domain names, if you don’t mind the challenge of dedicating the extra time that is required.

The main difference between the two strategies is that flipping websites requires substantially more time to become profitable.

There are basically two strategies that are employed for flipping websites

  1. Flipping websites that you purchase for resale.
  2. Flipping websites that you create from scratch to resell.

Both strategies require some research on your part in order to get the best price for your efforts.

Start by looking for a keyword that does well online and then either purchase or develop a profitable website around that keyword.

  • The first strategy requires a bit more research on your part than just creating a website from scratch.

You need to find a website that someone has built and is already getting a reasonable amount of web traffic.

Popular existing websites that will always be pulling in traffic are the ones that people want to purchase and are the sites easiest to flip.

Here is where keyword research for popular online subjects is necessary to point you in the right direction.

Once you find a site with the potential to make more money and build on the traffic that it already has, look up the owner and make a reasonable offer for the site.

Many websites that have potential to do really well, wind up failing.

This is usually because the site owners for one reason or another, tire and begin to neglect their websites.

Usually website owners in this situation will gladly accept any reasonable offer to get out from under their site.

Once you acquire the website, you can develop it farther by building on the web traffic and potential it already has.

After a few months when the website starts earning at least a dollar a day, you can begin  looking for potential buyers.

A Google search for “flipping websites” will hook you up with a ton of websites and forums you can use to flip your site.

Depending on the topic, the amount of income and the amount of targeted traffic your website generates; you could realize anywhere from a couple of hundred, to several thousand dollars per site.

The trick to this strategy is finding a website with the potential for making more money.

  • The second strategy, building a website from scratch, takes more time to implement but also has the potential for making much more money.

Research a profitable market niche, purchase a “catchy” domain name, create a website around it and build up the site until it gets a reasonable amount of web traffic and interest from the people who are in that particular niche.

If you integrate Google AdSense, paid advertising, affiliate links or even a paid membership into your website; you give it the potential to make some serious money and generate good volumes of web traffic.

Many people using this strategy think that you can simply choose a great domain name, put a few PLR articles and affiliate links up on the website, and expect it to make enough money to flip.

This is NOT the case.  Successfully  flipping websites using this strategy takes a great deal of time and effort.

Getting the website indexed in Google takes time.

Before you can take advantage of any search engine traffic that may come your way, you will first need to Search Engine Optimize your site.

This takes time and is the primary reason why many websites with the potential to do really well end up failing.

The owners of the website are usually the problem, not the website itself.

Many of these sites are the ones you see being purchased by people using the first website flipping strategy.

It often takes several months before a website is developed enough to really take off and begin to earn enough money to interest potential buyers.   Once it does, you should be able to flip it and make several hundered to many thousands of dollars on each site.

Again, the price you flip your website for depends on the topic, the amount of web traffic generated, how much income your site produces as well as it’s overall potential for improvement.

Once you flip your first website it’s easy to repeat your success.

The great thing about website flipping is that you can build and flip as many sites as you care to.

Just remember to let a few months to go by before making your first sale. Your websites need to be fully developed before you can flip them to make a good profit.

The only limit is your ability and desire to make money online.

More people are learning that flipping websites is a great way to improve your developer skills while earning an impressive income to boot!

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