All About Links – Not The Golf Type!

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 22, 2009
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Search engines like Google, look for, and prefer websites, that have natural links built over a relatively long period of time.

link_building Believe it or not, Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines, try to have a level     playing field when ranking web sites.

Manipulating links on a web page to get higher rankings, is relatively easy to accomplish, however, it’s much more difficult influencing search engines with back links from other websites.

This is the primary reason back links are so favorable with Google’s search engine algorithm.

Because many website owners try to game the system, using sneaky, deceptive methods, to capture inbound links; Google’s criteria for quality back links has become much more stringent.

The use of hidden links, and link farms in particular, are automatically disregarded by the search engines.  In fact, linking to a link farm could get your website banned.

To get visitors to your website, you need to generate a number of high quality back links.

Website owners USED TO PRACTICE reciprocal linking, to get visitors to their websites.    However, reciprocal links have become targeted by the search engines, particularly Google.

Site owners boosted their website rankings, by entering into link exchanges, to generate large numbers of inbound links.

However link exchanges, tend to generate a large number of irrelevant inbound links, that are ignored and discounted by the search engines.

The problem arises when the relevant outbound link, becomes diluted by the irrelevant inbound link; and the relevancy score of the website drops to the point of no return.

Remember to exercise caution, if you feel you must use link exchanges.

A Google patent is pending, that deals with the popularity of linked to sites; as well as the trustworthiness of websites you link to.

This could spell problems for legitimate websites that unwittingly link to websites of a dubious nature.

The obvious solution to the upcoming problem, is to be very choosy with who you link to!

Multiple website webmasters, also need to use care when interlinking multiple websites, with the same IP.

If you own several websites, and link to each of the sites on a page, it could look sinister to the search engines, and wind up hurting, instead of helping you.

Webmasters often try to manipulate back links in this manner, much to their dismay.

Having too many links to websites with the same IP address, is called back link bombing.

Be careful how you generate your links!


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