Knowing How To Increase Your Link Popularity

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 23, 2009
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You could be asking yourself, what is so important about knowing how to increase your link chain-linkspopularity?

Well, when you stop to think about it; the first Internet tool that you will ever use on your computer, is one of the search engines.

Search engines serve as a portal to the Internet.

This is the one tool that every one of your potential clients will use to find among other things, the products and services that they need, and that you can provide them with.

This is the main reason why you need to learn how to increase your link popularity.

If your potential customers can’t find your website, you have ZERO possibility of conducting any business with them.

Where does increased link popularity come in?  Well, your link popularity, is the ranking that search engines assign to your website.

This ranking is the determining factor your web page gets, when keywords are searched for by a search engine.

Knowing how to increase your link popularity, will increase your ranking, and increase traffic to your website.

Google created a system, that virtually all the search engines now utilize, to rank web pages in their index.

The search engines use this discretionary formula, to rank and categorize websites, that have inbound links from other related, quality websites.

It is extremely difficult increasing your link popularity using commonly used keywords.

The more common the keyword, the more difficult it will be for you to achieve link popularity.    And, without link popularity, your website will never rank high on a search engine.

Do not despair!   There are some ways to increase your link popularity using the most common keywords!

  • First; if you are a commercial site, the fastest way to get your foot in the
    door, is to get your website listed in a popular directory.

Yahoo is highly recommended for commercial sites, and costs around $250 to $350 annually.

It sounds like a lot but the results are well worth the price.  If you are non commercial, the listing is free.

Open Directory Project, also provides this service for free regardless of your website’s leaning.  It just takes longer to wade through the listing process.

Your goal here, is to get listed at the highest level of the category that your website falls into.

Take care, and list your site properly.  Use common sense, and take you time to choose the applicable category.

  • After you’ve attained your directory listing, the next step is to locate quality websites that will increase your link popularity.

It is very important to select websites that are related to your business.

This will serve to expand your customer base and increase your link popularity.

Avoid direct competitors, however, look for websites that your website visitors could find useful to them.

When you link to a related site, you are increasing both of your website’s business prospects, and link popularity.

Knowing how to increase your link popularity is one thing but you need to know the downside of back links.

  • Do not link up with a large number of websites thinking that this will increase your link popularity, it will not!

Stay away from websites that are associated with “link farms” and never link to a “link farm”.   You are looking only for QUALITY websites to link to.

A good rule of thumb is not to link to a website that you wouldn’t want your visitors to see.

You don’t want to link to a site that cheapens your image.

Indiscriminate linking to poor quality websites or link farms could totally destroy your link popularity!

Developing quality links takes time, patience, and a lot of communication with the webmaster,  but the long term benefits are enormous.

Now that you know how to increase your link popularity; go ahead and get to it!

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