Why You Should Be Setting Realistic Goals

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 10, 2010
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There are many reasons why you should be setting realistic goals, before you start a home based Internet business.

Have you ever wondered why some people appear to have little problem achieving their dreams, while others seem to work twice as hard and get nowhere?

Perhaps it is due to too much dreaming, and too little attention to goal setting.

Setting realistic goals is a major reason why people succeed in their home based businesses.

Setting goals can be used in everyone’s life to attain some desire.   Many of us to it every New Years, in the form of resolutions.

Goal setting can be as mundane is setting a targeted weight you plan to lose, or as important as targeting the date you plan on making your first million.

People who set realistic goals usually create a blueprint, or an outline of where to start, where to pause, where to drop back or ‘reboot’, and where to stop in their business endeavors.

Once you develop your business blueprint, you are better able to gauge where you are in the scheme of things, and determine if the steps you are taking are bringing you any closer to achieving your goals.

Setting realistic goals will enable you to track your progress in whatever business endeavor you set out to do.  It gives you confidence in yourself as you manage to achieve each goal, and serves as a motivator as you get closer to your end result.

When setting realistic goals, be sure to include and set realistic time lines to achieve them.  Be reasonable with your time lines.  Remember that it takes a good deal of time for any online business to make their presence known on the Internet.

The easiest way to dash your dreams, is to expect immediate results from a good business blueprint that requires time to work.

To be successful, setting realistic goals should be based on your capabilities, as well as known external factors.

Being overly ambitious can make your goals unrealistic and difficult or impossible to achieve. On the other hand, don’t set your goals so low, that you discourage yourself from achieving your true dreams.

Setting realistic goals is sometimes not enough to achieve success in your business.   They must be accompanied by self discipline and a positive outlook on life.

Once you have achieved a modicum of success, give yourself a pat on the back to keep yourself motivated.

A shure path to failure, is becoming too complacent once you have achieved one of your goals.  Backsliding is not compatible with motivation.

What good is a great blueprint that shows you where to go, and how to get there, if you lack the necessary discipline to carry out the plan?

Self discipline, self motivation, and a positive outlook  coupled with setting realistic goals, is a winning formula for achieving a successful home based Internet business.

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