Niche Mining : Niche Mining Mistakes That Guarantee Failure

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 3, 2010
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neicheMany niche mining mistakes that guarantee failure in your business can be avoided if you pay attention to these simple suggestions.

Before you even think about setting up your marketing blueprint, building your website, creating your squeeze page or promoting an affiliate product; you must ensure that your niche mining efforts produce a profitable market niche.

Niche mining is essential to finding profitable markets, yet many Internet marketers keep making the same mistakes.

Here are some of the most egregious niche mining mistakes you need to know about before you begin your niche mining endeavors.

  • The number one niche mining mistake made by Internet marketers is choosing niches based on their personal passions.

If you just want to build a blog or website for the hell of it without any regard to profit potential; then go ahead with your niche mining and pick any market you desire.  You can stop reading right here.

But, if you really want to make some money online; put your personal desires aside and focus your niche mining on what the market wants.

This should be a no brainer, but it is the number one niche mining mistake made by newcomers and even some experienced Internet marketers.

  • The second most made niche mining mistake is picking a market with little to no profit potential.

Why on earth would you want to choose a niche market that nobody is interested in?  If you can’t make any money in your niche market, dump it and continue your niche mining efforts until you find a market that will produce a substantial profit.

  • The number three niche mining mistake made by marketers is choosing a niche that has too many competitors.

Many experienced marketers are guilty of choosing a bloated niche to cash in on.   They rely on their experience to dominate their competitors without considering that when too many people try to cash in on a promising niche; nobody makes any real money.

If your niche mining uncovers a market that quickly becomes bloated; get rid of it and move on to greener pastures.

  • Targeting the same niche as everyone else is the next niche mining mistake made by way too many marketers.

Many membership sites broadcast lists of so called “hot niches” on a regular basis.  Theoretically this should and sometimes does help marketers.  But, the fact is that most of those “hot niches” rapidly cool off when hundreds of marketers attack the same niche at once.

When this happens, nobody makes the money they could be making if they conducted their own niche mining.

  • Don’t tell anybody about your niche.

The fastest way to see your profitable niche go south, is to tell another Internet marketer about it.

It’s a lot like charter boat captains that hold their secret Loran or GPS numbers close to their vest.  Once the numbers to a man made reef are given to one angler;  you can expect their friends, relatives, associates, etc. to get the numbers and eventually fish out the once productive spot.

If you tell another Internet marketer about your secret niche, they will tell one or two other people about it until it eventually dries up.

Remember that it’s human nature for people to brag about their discoveries so don’t do it.

Avoid making these niche mining mistakes and jumping blindly into your market only to discover later that you can’t make any money in your niche market.

These niche mining mistakes that guarantee failure can all be easily avoided if you simply do your due diligence.

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