Squidoo Is Tailor Made For Affiliate Marketing

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 31, 2010
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Of the many Squidoo benefits to profit from, Squidoo is tailor made for affiliate marketing.

There are thousands of Squidoo lens masters that have not yet discovered the power of ‘bum marketing’.   There are also about the same number of ‘bum marketers’ that have not yet discovered the power of using Squidoo.

By combining ‘bum marketing’ with Squidoo; you can totally dominate a niche market using ‘long tailed keywords’ to get your lenses ranked at the top of the Google search engine results.            captsquid_trans_lg

Once there, you can funnel targeted traffic to your lenses to sell your main product or service, promote your AdSense, or your affiliate products.

The important driving force behind Squdoo and ‘bum marketing’, is the use of long tailed keywords.

Most Squidoo marketers focus on highly competitive keywords to get their lenses to the top of the results page, however, using long tailed keywords will get your lenses to the top of the Google search results in a hurry.

Google loves Squdoo, and standard SEO techniques can get you listed in the #1 and #2 positions almost overnight.

In fact depending on the keyword phrase, Squidoo even beats out Ezine Articles.

Squidoo is tailor made for affiliate marketing, and it’s free to use.

You need not worry about building your own website, or having to worry about re-directs; plus you can add YouTube videos, RSS feeds, audio, and many other niche marketing tools to your lenses.

Unlike blogs, Squidoo is tailor made for affiliate marketing because of it’s focus on a single niche, and not the entire Web.

Each ‘Lens’ is a single page that is focused like laser targeting, to a particular niche topic.

Lenses can be connected together with other lenses, that have related content, to give users a more comprehensive targeted search result.

Lens users are much more likely to take immediate action when they land on a Squidoo lens, because their search results are more relative to what they are actually looking for.

Affiliate marketers can build a number of lenses quickly, and connect them together with other relevant lenses, to provide a type of ‘search engine’ style.

This way the users can quickly find the right lens when you most need it.

One of the main benefits of using Sqidoo for your affiliate marketing, is that you don’t have to worry about having your Lenses banned for breaking their terms of service, like you do with some of the other social sites.

You can do your marketing up front and center without worry.

One thing is for sure, compared to other sites; Squidoo is tailor made for affiliate marketing and traffic generation.

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