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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 2, 2010
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Knowing the best eZine format to use, is  really  a simple matter of preference.

EZines are newsletters that your readers can subscribe or opt in to, that are usually delivered via email.

To get the best results, the best eZine format to use, should be the one you are most comfortable with.

Most eZine publishers today use any one, or a combination of the 3 most commonly used formats briefly noted below.

Although each format has its pros and cons, ultimately you are the arbiter.

  • For myself, the best eZine format to use,k and the most commonly published, are text eZines.

The advantage of using this format, is that no special skills, other than being able to write, or being able to use a Wordpad or Notepad program, are necessary to produce a quality product.

  • The next best eZine format is the HTML format.

This requires a certain amount of HTML skill on your part, but produces  a more sophisticated eZine with added features to your publication.

You can make your eZines more appealing to your subscribers, and increase your readership, by using the HTML format.    Plain text eZines are not nearly as aesthetic as HTML eZines.

With the HTML eZine format, you can include pictures, change fonts, or even add videos to make your articles more interesting to your subscribers.

The only drawback to using HTML eZines, is that they sometimes get picked up by the spam filters before they reach your subscriber’s inboxes.

  • The least used of the three eZine formats, are the PDF eZines.

One of the benefits of publishing your eZines in PDF format, is that you can include your afiliate links in your issues.

Your subscribers can then share your eZines, along with your affiliate links,  with their friends and business associates.

The drawback to publishing you eZine in PDF format, is that it takes more time and effort to create your articles.

Because of the commitment it takes to produce quality PDF eZines, they are usually published on a monthly basis, to a quality readerships.

The best eZine format to use, really depends on your preference and comfort level, since many eZine publishers now publish in more than one format.

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