Email Marketing – Two Simple Email Marketing Techniques That Work.

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 30, 2010
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Here are two simple email marketing techniques that convert well and will increase your bottom line.

    • Using Featured Based Headlines.

      Writing ‘newsy sounding featured based’ headlines can often get you the highest conversion rates.

      This is primarily because most email marketing headlines, have nothing but ‘Big Benefit’ subject lines, that lean heavily towards hype. 

      A “newsy sounding” headline that sounds like something has just happened, stands out like a sore thumb.

      For example; “internet marketing guru receives F+ in internet marketing seminar” is a subject line that gets a ton of click thoughs.

      Because it sounds “newsy”, and is definitely intriguing, it stands out from the crowd.

      Another one to use is  “Pennsylvania marketing trucker stuck in snowdrift for 3 days discovers innovative marketing plan…”.

      Again it’s intriguing, timely, and sounds enough like a breaking news story, that people will click through and read it.

      Using this email marketing technique, will have your emails standing out in anyone’s full in-box.

      Try using this technique in 4 out of 10 of your headlines and you will find that people will soon discover WHO YOU ARE, and begin opening your emails just to see what you’re up to!

      When you’re email marketing, this is exactly the situation you want to be in.

      • Put Two Calls To Action In Your Emails.

      Try putting one call to action that is directly related to your offer in your email along with a second call to action that is “newsy” or “gossipy” and has nothing to do with your offer.

      If you’re offering your list an easy way to create and profit from their own eBay site, you could try something like this.

      Your first call to action could read something like, ‘Discover my new website creation software that will have your unique traffic generating website up and running in less than 30 minutes’.

      ‘Yessiree, CLICK the link below NOW to get it for just a buck.  Http:// Oh, sorry about the video – I had an accident just before I made the video.  Anyway I wanted to shoot this out to you ASAP but didn’t want you to hear my “wheezing”, but it’s still really neat.  So why not check it out at….’

      The second call to action has absolutely nothing to do with the offer, but it gets people who love to gossip interested enough to open up your offer.

      It may sound ridiculous, but some of the wealthiest marketers often spend more of their time gossiping about minor insignificant things, than they do about marketing.

      Sounds crazy, but true. Anyway, try appealing to that portion of your list, and see how many more click thoughs you get.

      These two simple email marketing techniques convert extremely well and even though they sound a bit off the wall, should make you a believer in KISS and thinking outside the box.

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