Some Useful Squidoo Marketing Tips

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 6, 2009
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Internet marketers who already know about Seth Godin’s social media site Squidoo, should be interested in some useful Squidoo marketing tips that all but guarantee, getting your site to the top of the search engine rankings.

While some of these useful Squidoo marketing tips are commonly practiced in conventional internet marketing; others are bavarianangel-1unique to Squidoo marketing.

All of these Squidoo marketing tips, will help you get the most benefit from your efforts.

  • Keyword research is essential in all types of marketing, and Squidoo is no different.

Before you start setting up your “lens”, make sure the keywords, and keyword phrases you have chosen , are competitive in your market niche, and in other Squidoo lenses with the same

  • As with Ezine articles, make sure your keyword or keyword phrase is front loaded in your title, or is your title!

The search engines spider your title first, and will index your lens faster with keywords in this position.

In general, Google ranks popular Squidoo lenses higher and faster than conventional

  • If you concentrate on making your Squidoo lens popular, in your Squidoo category listing; you can be assured that Google in particular will give your lens a high ranking in it’s search engine.
  • A useful Squidoo marketing tip that is sometimes overlooked, is to link to your Squidoo lens from your blog , or from an Ezine article.

Ezine articles get indexed almost immediately, and a link from one of your Ezine articles to your Squidoo lens, serves as a double whammy and will jump your rankings.

  • Since content is king, it’s extremely important that everything your publish on the Internet is WELL WRITTEN.

This applies to Ezine articles, Hub Pages, blogs, websites and Squidoo Lenses.

  • No one will bother buying anything from you, or even reading your lens, if you publish garbage content.

You will never gain any credibility or authority in your chosen niche until you learn how to write.

So, spend some time tweaking your writing skills!

  • Always provide useful, interesting, relevant content in your Squidoo lens, and keep your focus when writing your articles.
  • Another Squidoo marketing tip that will funnel traffic to your website and should be taken advantage of, is social bookmarking.

Use whichever tool works best with your particular niche.

stumble_upon_logo_iconI frequently use StumbleUpon, and occasionally Digg.  However, there are many others online that also work just as well.

These social bookmarking sites will give your lens a surge of traffic, when used properly.

  • Join Squidoo groups that are relevant to your market niche.

When you associate with other lens makers, you can learn from each other to improve your lens’s.

Checking out the lens of the day group, is also helpful.  You can always pick up ideas, new techniques, and practical advise on improving your lenses from the best.

  • The best Squidoo marketing tips are often found in the Squidoo FAQ and help pages.

All sorts of useful information is freely available there to help you learn how to increase the ranking of your lens, build up your Squidoo reputation, and help you to make money from your lens.

We hope these useful Squidoo marketing tips, help you to create a productive, revenue generating lens.

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Useful Squidoo information. Like the flying squid.
I plan on using the Ezine linking to Squidoo idea to generate traffic on my site.

Written By Amanda on November 7th, 2009 @ 9:26 pm


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