List Building Systems – How To Get Your First 300 Subscribers.

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 7, 2010
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There are several list building systems you can use to get your first 300 subscribers but they all work if your stick with the program.

A good proven way to get your first 300 subscribers is through article marketing, SEO, and the other list building systems you have learned about online.  However, these list building systems take a relatively long time to work.

It usually takes 120 days or so to get your first 300 subscribers using these methods.

A list building system that works much faster is to do giveaways.

Of all the giveaway list building systems, the fastest and most reliable way to get your first 300 subscribers is with JV giveaways.

The JV giveaway list building system works like this.

A marketer advertises for several other marketers to pool their resources, by contributing and giving away a free downloadable gift.

All the contributions are then placed on a single website, where almost everyone that contributed a gift, sends traffic to that giveaway site.

For this to be effective, you should have at least 100 contributors sending their traffic to the site.

All the traffic that they send to the giveaway site, can then download all the free ebooks, training programs, scripts, software, or whatever else they choose as long as they sign up for that person’s list.

It’s actually pretty simple, you contribute a gift or two, and for a decent giveaway, you can get 50 to 100 or more subscribers.

Of all the list building systems that can get your first 300 subscribers, this one is fast and reliable but, it is still NOT THE BEST WAY to build a list.

I say this because the people who frequent free giveaways are not the highest quality subscribers you can generate.

In addition, you will have a lot of competition using this method, because the people that sign, up will usually sign up for multiple lists.

When you start out building you list trying to get your first 300 subscribers; you won’t necessarily have the best quality targeted subscribers, but again you won’t need them.  You will need the fastest and the easiest.

A small list of subscribers will open up the window to the adswap list building system.  That’s where the really fun things begin to happen!

Because free giveaways require that you have a free gift, a squeeze page, a thank you page, and a download page; many Internet marketers don’t take advantage of this list building system.

However, don’t let this stop you from doing so.

Most free giveaways allow you to use other people’s gifts along with giveaway rights, so you don’t even need to buy any stuff if you don’t want to.

Only use the free gifts that have giveaway rights, for use in these JV list building system giveaways, and then use the list you build to get into the adswap game.

This is how to get your first 300 subscribers.

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