Using Ad Swaps To Build Traffic To Your Website

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 21, 2010
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Using ad swaps to build traffic to your website, is one of my favorite and probably one of the most powerful list building strategies that I know about.

Ad swaps are simple to set up and sell, and when properly executed, can give you 300-500 or more subscribers in a day.

However, you need to have an initial list of at least 800 to 1000 subscribers before you can start with an ad swap.   Once you’ve got that amount of responsive subscribers, you can start start growing your list using ad swaps to build traffic to your website.

An ad swap occurs when two list owners agree to mail the other person’s free offer, to their own list of subscribers.

The free offer is placed on a squeeze page, that may or may not have additional offers included, in exchange for the opt in’s name and email address.  This results in both parties adding hundreds of subscribers to both lists.

This only works to your advantage, when both parties base the ad swap on the average number of click throughs they receive in each email, not just on the total number of list subscribers.

There are a lot of email marketers who have huge lists.  However, problems arise when one party to the ad swap, furnishes the other party with an unresponsive list.

If both parties base their ad swaps on click throughs, instead of the total number of subscribers, both parties will benefit and everyone comes out ahead.

Once you’ve had a successful ad swap, you might think about other ways to integrate your ads into the other person’s marketing funnel.

Using ad swaps to build traffic to your website can also be done by swapping ads on your thank you page or squeeze page, swapping banner ad space on your blog, exchanging ads on log in pages or log out pages, or whatever other idea both parties can come up with and agree to.

There are many different ways to swap ads other than with emails; just use your imagination.

Do a Google search to find websites where you can find receptive parties to ad swaps. 

The three sites below have proven useful, however there are many more sites online where you can find persons interested in ad swaps.


By using ad swaps to build traffic to your website, it is possible with the right partner, to create a perpetual list building strategy that can last long after the initial swap.

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