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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 28, 2011
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cara_gratis_mencari_keyword_paling_popular_thumb4-1Obtaining the most popular keywords people search for is the prerequisite to any successful Internet marketing campaign.

Each day millions of searches are conducted by people all around the world on the various search engines for products, services, information and entertainment.

Finding out what exactly are all these people looking for is necessary if you hope to achieve any degree of success with your online endeavors

The good news is that most of the major search engines already provide a portal into the queries that people make and to determine the most popular keywords people search for.

Some of these are indicated below for your use.

Google is the most popular and most frequently used search engine online.  It allows you to tap into it’s search engine database using Google Trends, Google Zeitgeist or the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Google Trends allows users to view the volume of queries people make over time by regions, by city, by language, etc.  It also allows users to compare multiple search terms and to look into Google’s Database Of Searches

Google Zeitgeist shows what people are searching for at Google and its associated specialty services in a variety of categories. Versions of Google Zeitgeist are also available for various countries.

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool allows users to enter a search term or terms and by the use of the drop-down box, to see the popularity of terms over time. Sign up to AdWords for access to this tool.

Yahoo users can use their Yahoo Buzz Index to determine the “hot” search topics and most popular keywords people search for on Yahoo.

The Yahoo Keyword Selector Tool which was also called the Overture Keyword Selector Tool and before that the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool, is a free service for Yahoo network advertisers to select targeted keywords to use for their advertisements.

Non advertisers cannot use the tool to find the most popular keywords people search for on their site.

AOL search engine users at one time could take advantage of AOL Hot Searches to find the most popular keywords people search for however AOL Hot Searches is now closed.

AOL users can use AOL Search Trends to find the current top search queries within the last hour or the last day which are conveniently broken down into specific search categories.

MSN users could at one time use MSN Search Insider to find the most popular keywords people search for on their engine however it has been closed since Jan of 2006.

MSN Search Insider gave users the top 200 MSN Search queries in a random order and provided  “duels feature” that listed the top keywords and search queries in music, sports and television against each other in a type of contest or race comparison.

MSN Advertising now offers a nifty little Profile Matcher that can be used in a variety of ways to let them know who you’re looking for.  MSN will then  tell you where on Microsoft Advertising you can  find them.

The Bing search engine now allows users a number  of ways to find  the most popular keywords people search for on their site.  It is also currently the only search engine that shows  your “friends” Facebook likes and dislikes.

The Bing social search feature pulls in your friends’ Facebook likes from news, celebs, movies, brands, opinions, etc. where you can then identify the most popular keywords people search for on the site.

Users of Dogpile can use Dogpile SearchSpy to identify the most popular keywords people search for with their browser.  Users of this popular meta search service can find the top real time search terms used in their browser in either a filtered or non filtered format.

MetaCrawler offers a “Popular Searches” box on the front page of their site as well as a MetaCrawler MetaSpy service to identify the most popular keywords people search for.

Ask users can use Ask IQ to find the top searches at Ask on a weekly basis.

Lycos users can find “popular searches” just under the search box or use the long standing Lycos 50 service to see what the tops searches are at Lycos for the week.

Although finding the most popular keywords people search for is not really rocket science, it is essential to the effective implementation of every successful Internet marketing campaign online.

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