Article Marketing Is A Numbers Game

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 9, 2010
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Article marketing is a numbers game and has proven itself to be one of the most effective link building strategies available to Internet marketers.

For every article you submit to a directory, you get to insert at least one link back to your website in your resource box.

Most article directories will allow you to submit at least two links in your resource box, and an additional text link in the body of your article for every 500 words or so.

If you submit only one article to 100 article directories, you receive 100 back links to your website, provided the article is approved.

Now consider for a moment just how many article directories there are on the Internet!   Thousands, would probably an underestimate.

Since article marketing is a numbers game, think about your response rate if you submitted 5 or 6 articles to the same hundred article directories.   You could potentially realize 500 or 600 back links to your website.

The more fresh, genuinely unique articles that you submit to a large number of article directories, the more back links you will generate to your website.

And, since article marketing is a numbers game; using this strategy will generate back links from article directories with high, PR4, PR5, and occasionally PR7 page ranks.

Having several links to your website, from a website with a high page rank, significantly boosts your search engine rankings.

This premise applies only as long as you remember to include your website link in the resource box at the end of your article, and a text link in the body of the article.

The only reason I even mention this, is because of the number of articles that I have seen approved and published without an ‘Author’s Box’.

You would not believe how many articles I have come across, when searching the article directories, that do not have an active link in their resource box, or that don’t have a resource box at the end of the article.

Submitting Duplicate Content

Submitting the same article to 100 article directories or more, will not get you penalized for duplicate content if you do it right.

The search engines assume that the articles submitted to the article directories are your original works.  This is because the article directories are all high ranking websites, and they edit the contents that are submitted for publication.

Most article directories don’t care to be characterized as repositories of junk content; which is why they reject articles loaded with self promotional links, affiliate links, and PLR articles.

Their credibility is at stake, and they religiously avoid articles having these problem areas.  This is why the search engines will assume the submitted content is your original work.

PLR articles WILL definitely create a DUPLICATE CONTENT problem with the article directories and the search engines.

DO NOT USE THEM unless they are severely rewritten to become your own original content.

When you first post an article on your website or blog, and it gets indexed; after a few days, you can then submit it to the article directories without fear of being penalized.

However, if you post your article to the article directories first, the search engines will assume that your article originated from the article directory, and it will be flag your article as “duplicate content”.

Your article could then be de indexed from your website, however; your website itself will probably not be de indexed.

If you follow this procedure, you can submit your article to as many article directories as you want without fear of “duplicating content”.

Again, article marketing is a numbers game that can generate gobs of traffic and higher search engine rankings for your website.

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