Two Ways To Generate Low Cost Website Traffic

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 10, 2010
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Two ways to generate low cost website traffic that is cost effective and easy to implement are exchange links and traffic exchanges.

A steady flow of website traffic is the one hard and fast rule for generating income from your site.  Without steady traffic, there is very little chance of making a living from your website.

Many good websites have gone down the tubes because they simply couldn’t maintain the traffic flow necessary to make any money.  It’s true that it takes money to make money, but it doesn’t take a carload of cash to generate traffic for your website.

Although many of the top websites do spend tons of money driving traffic to their sites, using various marketing schemes, advertising campaigns, and other gimmicks.  It’s worth the cost for them because they have the resources and are already earning high profits.

When you are starting out with limited resources and investment capital, there are other effective low cost methods you can use to do the same job.   Many companies have lost their shirts on high cost traffic generating methods when they could have become successful using the ones below.

Here are two ways to generate low cost website traffic that work!

  • Exchanging Links

You will rarely come across a website that has no links to another site.

Exchanging links with other webmasters is a proven method that works to produce more public awareness about their websites.

Over a period of time, you’ll soon see a surge in traffic from other sites you link to, using this method.

However, it’s important to only exchange links to sites that have close to the same niche content.

This is a prerequisite.  To insure continuity in the providing of service and information to your target traffic, both websites should share common subject matter.

Websites that have inbound and outbound theme related links, generally enjoy higher rankings in the search engine results, by the search engines.

A high organic ranking position in the search engine results page, will generate more free traffic to your website.

  • Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchange services are the reciprocal viewing of others website or web page.  The idea is for both of you to benefit from each others efforts to generate traffic.

This is done by allowing a site to use your sites content, so you can use his or her site’s content.

With traffic exchange services, you get to earn credits by allowing someone to view your site, and then you use those credits when viewing others traffic.

Traffic exchanges are considered to be a step up from exchanging links, in traffic generation, and in increasing public awareness of your website.

Of the two ways to generate low cost website traffic, I personally prefer exchanging links, however many other marketers do use traffic exchanges with great success.

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