Words Have Power: Promote Your Website Using Power Words

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 25, 2009
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Words have power and mean things, so why not promote your website using power words?

The written word, when properly used, can influence people and change their perceptions about things.

Words have power, and mean things.   Words have power of persuasion over people, and can entice or motivate individuals.

They can also depress and put down individuals when used in an unsavory manner.

When used by politicians, statesmen, personal relations officers, the press, and even parents, words have power to change attitudes and thinking.

Some words, or combination of words, are referred to as “buzz words” or “power words”, and can do wonders when used in advertising content.

Words have power, and can create a sense of curiosity with your customers.

Using “New” or “Improved” in your advertising content, gives the consumer a feeling that your product is unique among other products.

For years, marketers of laundry products and dish washing detergents, have been telling us that their products are “new and improved”, and that we should buy it to see for ourselves, how the product outperforms others in the marketplace.

To show you that words have power over people, look at the phrase, “money back guarantee” and how it is used in Internet marketing and advertising to gain the trust of clients.

This phrase is a must to have in the closing line of an advertisement.

You normally will never see the phrase “money back guarantee” used AFTER the method of payment, or how money will be returned to a customer if they are not satisfied.

It is ALWAYS used before the method of payment and the refund policies.

Knowing which words have power over people’s built in buying defenses, can increase your sales response almost immediately, when you use them to promote your website and sales pages.

All successful advertisements have a “closely kept secret” that generates curiosity within the reader.

People naturally want to know what others do not know.  People don’t like secrets kept from them.

They think that some important information is missing from them, because they were not allowed access to something; or in particular, some website.

To demonstrate how words have power in promoting products or websites, look at the words “insiders say that” and “secret”.

Both power words indicate that information from some “expert” is being kept hidden from everyone else, until outsiders pay for the privilege of accessing it.   Only then will the information be divulged to the user.

The buzz word “FREE”  in a message headline works wonders in the world of Internet marketing.

Readers absorb this power word immediately, and will take the marketer to task, if the promise of a free item is not forthcoming.

Marketers who try to trick customers into purchasing products that are supposedly free, will lose the trust of customers as quickly as they gained it with the word.

The power word is so effective, that Internet service providers will block messages containing the word, using their email filters.  USE IT SPARINGLY, IF AT ALL!

Using the power word “You” in advertisements, creates the feeling that customers are being spoken to directly.

It points out advantages directly to the customer, and creates a bond with the seller.

Words have power, and “Immediately” indicates urgency that can’t be interpreted any other way.

Using the phrases “get it now”, or “don’t wait one minute longer” can be substituted for “immediately” to motivate the customer to take an action.

Understanding the consumer’s needs, and then designing the advertisement around it, is the basis of a successful advertising campaign.

You can’t just state the advantages of using your company’s product or service; your sentences must be designed so your customers can see for themselves what advantages your product offers them.

Always remember that words have power, and after writing your advertising content, adding power words to spice up your advertisement, will ensure that you generate a winning ad campaign.

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