StumbleUpon Marketing: To Become More Effective Become More Social

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 26, 2009
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StumbleUpon marketing is a relatively new marketing concept that can be applied to almost any social media network.

In order to become more effective, become more social in your marketing strategies.  stumble_upon_logo_icon

We all know that StumbleUpon can funnel a staggering amount of visitors to you website, but as a general rule, the visitors your receive are random surfers, that will not stay on your site for any length of time.

Still, StumbleUpon marketing can provide some bona fide benefits such as:

  • Getting noticed and acquiring targeted visitors to your website
  • Developing and promoting your brand name
  • Building long lasting relationships in your market niche

With StumbleUpon marketing, getting noticed is a snap.

If you can get the “thumbs up”, and grab the attention of at least a couple of power stumblers in your market niche; you can be assured that others will eventually come to visit your website.

StumbleUpon marketing has the potential to make your site go viral.

Like other social media sites, the Stumblers in your market niche have followers, who also have followers, and so on.

If your website appeals to only one these followers; their influence over their followers, can grow your website traffic very quickly.

If you become more social, you can become more effective in guiding stumblers to your niche website.

Don’t neglect the power of visual imagery.

People will begin to recognize you when you are seen several times on the web.  Use the same photo of yourself, or your brand logo, on every social media site you participate in.

Add the same image or logo, to all of your profiles.  Visual recognition is hard to beat and will help spread the word about your niche market site.

Use StumbleUpon marketing to to brand you personal name, or website to build increased recognition in your market.

If your name, or website pops up frequently enough on social media sites, you can bet you will be eventually recognized.  This strategy works better when you interlink the social media networks that you participate in.

If you comment frequently on blogs and other social media, and someone happens to recognize your name in your StumbleUpon review, you create the illusion of popularity, and that you are everywhere at once.

Your reviews will definitely carry more weight.

These are only a few of the approaches you can use to become more social and thereby more effective with your StumbleUpon marketing efforts;

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