Use SEO for Your AdSense Sites

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 24, 2009
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You should always use SEO for your Adsense sites if you intend to earn any serious money online.

Google’s AdSense, when used on your web pages, can generate a tremendous amount of capital for you, as long as you are blessed with a great deal of traffic.                                                      seo1

If you do not have sufficient traffic, or you are not currently earning enough money; you can use SEO for your AdSense sites, or PPC advertising such as Google’s AdWords, to get more visitors.

Here are some SEO tips, to get the search engines to send more visitors to your web pages, and increase your ranking in their search results.

When AdSense, or the search engines, have problems extracting the most relevant keywords from your web pages; it means that your page layout and source code may be too complex.

  • You can easily remedy the situation, by keeping your source code and layout as simple as possible.
  • When you make sure that each of your web pages targets only one single topic; you make it easier for the search engines to properly index your web pages.   Additionally, AdSense advertisements tend to be more applicable to the content of your web pages, and your website as a whole.
  • Limit the amount of AdSense advertisements that you use on each page, and don’t try to load up your content with a lot of hyperlinks that could confuse the search engines.
  • Make sure that the keywords you want to emphasize are placed up front in your title, in the first paragraph of your content, in the name of the file, an in the last paragraph of the content on your web page.
  • Don’t use public domain content in your web pages unless you create a new title, and make substantial modifications to the text.

If your page is not indexed after a day or two, try rewriting the title and the first and last paragraphs, and you should get a better result.

  • When you use SEO for your AdSense sites, it’s best to use original, unique, compelling content as much as possible, in order to achieve the best results, and to get your AdSense web pages indexed quickly.

When you use SEO for your AdSense sites, you job can be made easier by using some of the many tools that are now readily available on the Internet.

Some of the keyword tools are really effective in finding good keywords for you to use on your web pages, to drive more visitors to your website.

Although many ebooks are available to show how to use SEO for your Adsense sites, these tips will definitely help you get more traffic to your website, and are probably available in the ebooks.

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