Why Should You Bother Marketing Your YouTube Video?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 26, 2009
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Since YouTube videos are known to bring in thousands of visitors daily, why should you bother marketing your YouTube video?

Well, if you’re already happy with the amount of web traffic your YouTube video is generating; you may not feel that marketing your YouTube video is necessary.

However, it is rare when a video marketer is happy with the amount of web traffic they actually receive.

Why settle for hundreds of visitors when you can market your YouTube video and get thousands of viewers.

We always want more traffic, and marketing your uploaded YouTube video, is the fastest way to generate it.

The easiest way of marketing your YouTube video is by word of mouth.

Not only is this the most effective method, it is also the most credible.

Start with your family members, and then branch out to friends, relatives, business associates, and fellow workers.

Let them all know about the uploaded youtube videos you have available on YouTube.

The best method of marketing your youtube video, is to email everyone you know in your address book, a direct link for your video.

During casual conversations with friends; you could always make a passing reference to your youtube video, and briefly discuss what it’s about.

Don’t forget to mention your YouTube screen name.

YouTube visitors are allowed to browse through all of their videos, or search for your video in particular, if they have your screen name to reference.  This is why you should remember to discretely plug it whenever you get the chance!

Another way to market your YouTube video is simply to place it in your blog or website.

YouTube will generate an HTML code for your video, that will easily allow you to post your YouTube video on your blog, or website.

HTML codes can be generated for your video, or any other youtube video online.

Although many bloggers routinely insert YouTube videos in their blogs, we recommend that you post only your own YouTube videos, on your own website or blog.

Another way of marketing your YouTube video is to give your HTML code to webmasters who are willing to post your video on their site.

Often webmasters are willing to do this, as long as your video assists them with their niche topic.

Marketing your YouTube video using online message boards is also very effective.

You can either post your video links directly on the message board, if you believe the other board members would find it useful, or you can include a link to your YouTube video in the signature, if the message board allows signatures.

Including your YouTube video links in the signature, is also an effective technique, to use in online forums.

In both cases, the more messages you send, the more exposure your YouTube videos will receive.

These are just a few reasons why you should bother marketing your YouTube video.

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