Affiliate Marketing – Survival Of The Best

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 27, 2009
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Affiliate marketing is an extremely competitive business where survival of the best, is defined as the person with the most!

Affiliate marketing may be the most exciting, yet depressing business on the Internet.

It can be frustrating one day, and uplifting the next. Regardless of how you feel about it, you can never call it boring!

The survival rates of the really successful affiliate marketers can be attributed to patience, originality, persistence, mental attitude, and sometimes just plain hard headedness.

The survival of the best affiliates, is directly correlated to people having these attributes.

Most affiliate marketing advertising campaigns, seldom produce immediate results.

Patience is a quality you must posses, if you hope to become successful in affiliate marketing.

It is mandatory to successful campaigns!

Just putting up a banner for your marketing campaign, and then pulling your campaign after a few days of inactivity, should never be done.

Although you might believe your campaign is not working; it takes time!  Be patient.

In affiliate marketing, the survival of the best of the best, are the individuals who are the smartest, and most patient.

The survival of the best affiliates is also based on originality and creativity.  Escape the crowd! Be different.

It sometimes pays NOT to go with the flow.

A growing number of people on the Internet, have become numb to the constant drum of affiliate marketing sales pitches, that are constantly being presented to them.

They have been carpet bombed with same type of sales pitch for so long, that only a fresh, unique, new approach will grab their attention.

Get your juices going; create a new angle, and a unique sales page.  It never hurts to give something completely new a try.

Most affiliate marketers tell you to stay with what is proven,  and what works.

This is fine if your are getting significant results.

If not, go against the flow and try something completely out of the box.

The first affiliate marketer, who tried adding affiliate links to their emails, was thinking out of the box an creating a new strategy.

The same applies to the first marketer that decided to add their affiliate link to a YouTube video.  It was innovative thinking, that is now the norm.

The survival of the best affiliate marketing guru, is only as good as his best innovative ideas today.

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