Why Blogs Are Popular With Everyone!

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 25, 2009
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Blogs are popular with internet marketers for a host of obvious reasons.

They also have become popular with just about everyone else who uses a computer and has an internet connection.

Some reasons for their popularity are listed below for your consideration.

  • Blogs are easy to create, and easier to maintain on a regular basis, than a conventional web site.
    Anyone can easily learn to create and post to a blog in under an hour, by using any of the available blogging services.
    They all have easy to follow instructions posted on their sites, along with interactive blog assistance, and helpful tips.
  • Blogs are popular interactive social platforms.
    When your creative juices start to flow, your ideas can be immediately posted and viewed in real time.
    The only moderation that is performed, is by the author of the blog. Blog posts cannot be deleted by anyone, as long as the website guidelines are adhered to.
    The editorial freedom that is inherent to blogging is not found in any other platform.  Bloggers can write about anything and everything, and they do.  It seems that no subject is out of bounds to bloggers.
  • Blogs are popular because they are more easily indexed by the search engines than conventional websites. Blog sites also offer syndication services that guarantee that your blog will be read.  You have much greater exposure with a blog.  Syndication draws many individuals.
  • Blogs are also popular because of their informality and diversity. Informal self expression, is more prevalent in blogging than anywhere else on the internet. People get really personal when writing a blog.
  • Blogs are popular with internet marketers of all kinds because they are search engine friendly. The search engines love fresh unique content which is why blogs rank very quickly with them.  Bloggers update their content much more frequently than on a website; and the search engines recognize and look for this.
  • Authors and article publishers have moved to blogging. The reason is that they don’t need to worry about spam filters or lists with a blog, like they do with emails. Spammers send newsletters and ezine articles through the emails and causes headaches for the writers with no returns and no delivery.
  • Blogs are popular educational and political forums. Many blogs are truly informative and educate the public on a plethora of topics.  Many diverse opinions can be found on blogs of every type.  There is never a shortage of a point of view or subject matter in the blogisphere.
  • Blogs are popular because of their cost effectiveness. Short of registering a domain name, there is virtually no cost associated with creating and maintaining a blog.  A Word press blog, hosted on your own domain, will only cost you hosting and domain registration.  Freely hosted Word press or Blog spot blogs, cost nothing but restrict your content to their guidelines.
  • Blogging is never boring. Blogs provide entertainment as well as information.  Opposing views and heated comments are the norm with political blogs, and others also generate surprisingly emotional discussions.  If you get bored blogging, your not reading the right blog.

Blogging is popular because everyone can do it. Age is no barrier.  All you need to blog successfully, is a creative mind and the ability to write attention grabbing content.

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