Affiliate Marketing: What Is Pre-Selling?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 24, 2009
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Pre-selling, in affiliate marketing, is a strategy that is used to greatly increase the conversion rate of an affiliate product that is being promoted.

When first starting out, affiliate marketing is the fastest way to make money on the internet.

Choosing a quality product, and an affiliate who provides good marketing tools and customer service, is essential in becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

When you have a good product and a selection of marketing tools; it then becomes a simple matter of driving traffic to your website, or the merchant’s landing page, to generate sales and grab your commission.

There is a step in between the point of traffic acquisition, and funneling the acquired traffic to the merchant’s landing page, that can be used to increase the rate of conversion.

This is accomplished by creating an intermediate page, where you present the visitor with additional information on the product that they are hopefully looking for, and which you are promoting.

This is where pre-selling comes in.

This page, called a landing page, is where you will send your visitors to, and is where the pre-selling actually occurs.

You can create a review page to pre-sell, or showcase the affiliate product you are promoting; by drawing a comparison to it, and other similar products.

Endorsing an affiliate product on your website, is a great way to increase your conversion ratio.

Adding a product review to your website, on all the products related to the one you are promoting, and providing testimonials of satisfied customers,  along with anything else that would make your product stand out from the competition, is a very effective pre-sell, that will dramatically increase your commissions.

A good pre-sell is packed with vibrant, dynamic copy, that both informs and sells the product.

Pre-selling describes the exciting benefits your prospects will receive by purchasing the product.

Pre-selling provides a chance for you to solidify your credibility with the reader.  You can earn your visitor’s trust with pre-sales copy.

Pre-selling can create an aura of expectation with your visitor that makes them unable to wait to buy your product.

Pre-selling can direct your visitors precisely where to go to purchase your product.

In short, pre-selling is invaluable to successful online affiliate marketing.

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