Social Networking: How Safe Is Your Personal Information?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 26, 2009
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Many social networking websites, allow anyone one with internet access, to view their members profile pages.

The truth is, the number of social networking sites is much higher than you may have imagined.

The social networking websites that will currently allow anyone to view your profile, include Yahoo! 360, My Space, Friend Finder, and Friend Wise.

Personal information you once thought was private, is now available to the public on these sites and can be viewed by anyone with the click of a mouse.

That is why you should carefully think about what you share in your personal profile page or in your profile before publishing.

Be cautious when joining a social networking site.  You can have lots of fun online, without giving up all your personal information.

Its better to be a little paranoid, and keep yourself safe when writing your social networking profile, especially on websites that you know have open access to this information.    This advise also applies to photographs of yourself.

When posting personal photographs of yourself, don’t give your full name or your street address. There is absolutely no reason to give out this type of personal information, on any social networking site.

Anyone getting your photograph, along with your full name, and street address, could cause you real trouble with this information.  There are a lot of crazies on the internet, and you never know what is really in a persons heart.  Abductions, identity theft, and worse can happen to you, if someone sets their sights on you.

Social networking users who feel that they have to display their personal information, should learn more about private profile settings.

Private profile settings limit the number of people view your website.  Using private settings, will prevent other network members, and anyone else, from viewing your personal information.

You can also subscribe to a social networking site that sets the profiles as private automatically.  The only drawback from doing this, is that only you will have the ability to invite friends to your network.

It’s a trade off but, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  You never know who is watching you on the internet.

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