What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 18, 2009
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The cheapest and most cost effective Internet marketing strategy available today is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

An industry dedicated to the creation of search engine friendly web pages and websites has been developed because of the need for cost effective,  high quality, targeted traffic.

The search engine optimization industry as it is now called, is commonly believed to be the second most effective marketing strategy.

There is a common belief that SEO of web pages and websites can only be properly accomplished by professionals who are in the business. This is NOT correct.

The actual fact is that ANYONE can increase their search engine rankings and website traffic.  Effective search engine optimization that can be easily learned in a few hours and perfected with practice.

First and foremost, you have to find and use the correct keywords and keyword phrases that accurately describe your website and can be used by potential customers to find your web page on the internet.

Many tools are available such as Google keywords, and Wordtracker, to assist you in finding specific, targeted keywords and search phrases. Wordtracker can also show you how your competition uses keyword phrases, and how popular those search phrases are.

The second thing to remember in search engine optimization, is that you need to know your competition.

You can do this by performing Google searches for your specific keyword, and then analyzing the results to determine how the websites that are ranked above your site, are using the keyword.

You can then modify your use to increase your search rankings or discontinue use of a particular keyword if it does not perform well. Popular keyword phrases obviously have more competition.

Sometimes it’s better to target a less popular keyword, or a long tailed keyword phrase, in order to get a higher position in the search engine rankings result.

After you have compiled your keywords or phrases to your satisfaction; use one keyword or phrase for each of web page you create on your site.

Don’t make the mistake of placing too many keywords or phrases on a single page or the engines could mistakenly flag your website as spam.

When you place too many key words or phrases on a single page,  it can become difficult to read and can drive potential customers away from your site.

Your keywords should be in the title tag, META tag,  and the content area of each page.

In the content area, place your keywords in the heading tags, alt tags, comment tags,  and throughout the contents of the page.   Use your keywords sparingly or the search engine spiders will reject your site as spam.

The best way to get readers returning to your site, is to provide an easily readable web site with useful content and easy page navigation.  Not only does this appeal to your readers, it also will get you better ranking on the search engines.

Developing quality inbound links from other websites with content or subject matter similar to your site, is another search engine optimization tactic, that will quickly index and increase the ranking of your website.

As added insurance to getting your website indexed, you can submit your website URL to web directories and to the search engines.

Some people believe that you should submit your site to web directories first; however, I have had success without using them at all.

If you maintain your search engine optimization, you should eventually achieve the high ranking you are striving for.

When pages on your site drop in ranking, re-optimize the page and resubmit to the search engines.  Wait a few days to see what your rankings are and if you need to improve the page, continue the re-optimization process.

There is really no magic bullet to achieve high search engine rankings.

Only time, effort and persistent utilization of the search engine optimization tools and techniques outlined above will get you results that will increase your rankings, traffic, and sales.

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