Google AdSense: Is It Worth Placing On Your Website?

I’m sure that most of you have already heard something about Google’s AdSense and are wondering if it is worth placing it on your website or blog?

YES, Google’s AdSense is DEFINITELY worth placing on your website, for several reasons.

Unlike affiliate programs, where a completed sale is required before your commission is received; Google’s AdSense, pays on the basis of visitors clicks that are received, even those that do not result in actual sales.

Going with the assumption that your site enjoys a good bit of traffic; you could always put an affiliate banner or ad program on your site to earn you some money.

By doing only this, you would be selling yourself short.

Savvy AdSense users can make over $ 100,000.00 per year using unobtrusive, well placed, blended, text only AdSense ads on their websites.

These unobtrusive AdSense ads can be used with your existing advertising,  and blended into the content of your site so as not to annoy potential customers.

Flying banners, pop ups, and winking ads tend to annoy the hell out of visitors and turn off potential buyers.

AdSense advertisements are generated and tailored to the content of each individual website.

The AdSense ads are always kept in sync with your visitors interests;  this increases the amount of revenue your site pulls in and also ads to the overall value of your website.

AdSense banners are also fully customizable.   The banner’s size, fonts, background colors, and locations can be fully integrated into your site to the point that they are indistinguishable from the web page.

This increases your sites visual quality and increase your revenue.

As to weather AdSense is worth placing on your website;  many people have difficulty getting people to advertise on their web site.   AdSense is again one clear solution for this problem.

A lot of thought and effort was put into the development of AdSense and AdWords by Google.

AdSense is definitely worth placing on your website; not only for the users of AdWords and yourself, but also for the visitors of the websites.   It works for everybody.

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