Is Blogging Detrimental To Your Brain?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 15, 2009
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The question of abuse to the brain arose because of the sudden rise in popularity of blogs on the internet.

There now seem to be about as many blogs on the internet as there are articles.

Some people believe that blogging has positive effects on the brain while others do not.

One thing is sure, blogging does promote critical, analytical thought.

The best blogs promote the free exchange of ideas.  Interactions between readers and discussions of fresh ideas are always encouraged. Constructive criticism and intelligent comment is always welcome and encouraged on good blogs.

Unlike articles, blogs do not have to be serious or technical plus they can be created on just about any subject.

Blog topics can range from personal opinions on politics, business blogs that promote products, affiliates, or services, to the personal random thoughts of a blogger on anything they deem worthy.

Good business blogs usually link to other web sites and offer additional helpful information on the product or service being talked about, or to an affiliate’s landing site that is being promoted.

Non business blogs also link to other web sites in order to provide sources that enhance the credibility of the blog.

It is hard to agree that blogging is detrimental to the brain when studies suggest that blogging promotes creativity and initiative.

The fact that blogs must be frequently updated in order to attract and maintain regular visitors, encourages original thinking and spontaneity.

To conclude that blogging is detrimental to your brain, based on any reasonable thought process, is completely erroneous.

If anything, blogging could be considered a form of education that benefits the brain, and elevates it to a greater level of development.

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