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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 28, 2010
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Vlogs have become the newest Internet marketing movement to deliver content to audiences online.

Video blogs, more commonly know as vlogs, seem to be the freshest, hippest way to communicate information to almost any type of audience online.

Although reading has not yet been relegated to the garbage heap, or has become a thing of the past;  many people do regard reading as an inconvenience, and prefer the option of viewing whatever it is they want to learn.

Before you give up blogging, or agree that blog entries no longer cut it, you need to remember that blogs are still the fastest method of making your presence known on the web.

However, for people who only want to see what they want to learn, vlogs are perfect.

The marketing potential of videos integrated with blogs, or vlogs, is simply mind boggling.

Here are some facts and advantages about vlogs and using videos that should interest you.

  • Video reviews convert at 3 to 4 times the rate of text reviews. Videos in general convert as much as 400% compared to conventional marketing strategies.
  • Vlogs can get your message across and provide much more information using graphics, graphs, audio, videos or  combinations of these, than with text content.  Although you can get your message across to your audience using text and graphics, it can’t be done nearly as well.
  • Vlogs do not limit your liberty for creative expression. Videos allow your imagination to run free and unrestricted to create an exiting memorable marketing package your viewers will be sure to enjoy and appreciate.
  • Vlogs provide a receptive environment to viewers and people generally respond more favorably to videos. Almost everyone reacts more to what they can see and hear, than what they can only read.
    For this reason, vlogs and videos are more effective on casual online users, who normally resist Internet offers.
  • Because videos have more credibility than other online mediums, they are capable of capturing a good portion of the generally recognized, ‘hard to get’ market.
    Online vlog videos can give your business almost instant credibility, when your prospects can actually see and hear you.
    Unlike other mediums, a well produced online video, gives the impression that your business really means business.
  • Vlogs can deliver videos to a wide and varied market extremely fast.
    Using today’s fast Internet connections, your prospects can immediately enjoy your video offers.    And, unlike expensive Television advertisements that are transmitted over the airwaves, your videos are available immediately.

Of all the other digital mediums available on the Internet, videos are the most efficient, as far as being used as a sales tool.

Videos are the only audio visual medium that can be easily manipulated, to present your ideas and clearly convey your message, in the most efficient way possible to your audience.

The melding of audios, text, and videos into vlogs is a combination tough to beat.


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