Using Google Search To Increase Your AdSense Earnings

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 29, 2010
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If you are an AdSense publisher, you need to consider using Google Search to increase your AdSense earnings,  if you are not already doing so.

This is one AdSense function, that for some reason, webmasters seldom take advantage of.

Google’s AdSense program allows webmasters the ability to add Google’s search box to their web site or blog.

If you ask why you should use this function; consider this.

When you are using Google Search to increase your AdSense earnings, your AdSense Publishers ID is embedded in the search engine.

When one of your website visitors uses your Google Search box to find information, your AdSense ID is embedded in every one of the Google searches that your visitor makes.

It doesn’t matter if your visitor makes one search, or 100 searches; your AdSense ID remains embedded throughout the search process.

If you haven’t figured out why this is so great, think about this.

When visitors surfing from your web site using Google Search, click on any of the sponsored listings; guess who makes the money!

If they click back onto another ad, or several ads; you still earn the money.

With this function, using Google Search to increase your AdSense earnings is a no brainer.

Google Search gives you the ability to earn unlimited multiple click throughs, from the same website visitor, from a single visit.

Since the majority of your website traffic is just browsing; why not take advantage of Google Search to help them find what they are searching for, and earn some money to boot.

When using Google Search to increase your AdSense earnings on multiple websites; don’t be afraid to experiment with other functions like Google AdLinks, but be sure to track the different things you experiment with, and stay with what works best.

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