Blogging Basics You Need To Know

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 7, 2010
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There are some blogging basics you need to know about if you are a newcomer to the online community.

If you decide to use or some other service to host your blog, be sure to read their terms and conditions for posting content on their servers.                                                                                                          wordpress-logo-green

Hosted WordPress, Blogger, and others will delete your blog without any prior notification if you fail to follow their guidelines.

You have full control of your content, and won’t have to worry about your blog being deleted, when you host your own blog using WordPress software, or something similar.

Here are some blogging basics you need to know and follow.

  • Respect your host’s terms and conditions and don’t ignore their legal boundaries.
  • Always provide unique quality content and be specific with your posting information.
  • Resist the temptation to provoke arguments. It’s better not to waste your time and energy having to deal with petty squabbles that might arise over posts.  Let it go.
  • Inappropriate details can cause confusion with your audience, so don’t include them in your posts.
  • Create something original and don’t plagiarize.  Why take the chance of getting sued for plagiarism.  It’s better to have your competition imitating you; it’s the height of flattery.
  • It’s OK to advertise your blog on other sites.  Leave your blog URL anywhere you can to generate backlinks and web traffic.  It’s a great way to make your presence known, and everyone does it.
  • Be respectful and never sully your reputation by attacking your fellow bloggers, businesses, or personalities.  It’s OK to disagree and voice your opinion, but do it in a respectful manner.
  • Don’t be irresponsible in your journalism.  You have an obligation to be fair, honest, and unbiased in your writing.  Doing this will only enhance your credibility.
  • Enhance your blog with pictures and other multimedia sources.  You can even create a vlog, or a photo blog if you are into that.
  • Break your content into digestible pieces.  Use paragraphs, sub headings, bullets, or numbering to make your content interesting instead of posting a solid block of boring content.
  • Categorize your blog posts to make them easy to find.  Place each topic in a separate category, and your visitors will show you their appreciation by coming back.
  • Communicate with your readers and answer their questions or comments promptly.  Don’t make someone wait a week for a reply to their question.
  • Write your content as you would normally speak to someone.  Make your article content as easily understandable as possible and try not to bloviate.  Get to the point!
  • Update your blog frequently, with fresh interesting content and your readership will blossom.
  • Respect the opinion of your readers. Have an open mind, be reasonable, reject personal attacks, and most of all, always respect the truth.
  • Read the published blogging guidelines, understand them, accept them, and adhere to them and your blogging experience will be positive.

If you follow these blogging basics and obey the rules, you’ll avoid legal problems and will be assured a credible online presence.

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