Viral Marketing Strategies: How To Generate Sales With Your e-Book

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 30, 2009
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Creating a viral e-book is an effective viral marketing strategy that can be used to promote your products or services and generate sales.

Your goal should be to increase the popularity of your products, and to generate sales with your e-book as quickly as possible.

First; you need to come up with a carefully researched topic for your e-book that is popular and in demand.

Second; you need to create an attractive and unique title that will distinguish your e-book from others in the crowd.

Next; you need to plan what you are going to write about.   In order for you to achieve your goal of  increasing your product popularity, and generating increased sales in the shortest time possible; the content planning stage is crucial.

Viral e-book sales generation can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Place your affiliate links in the content of your viral e-book, and create an incentive by offering free re-branding rights, or, offer additional customization rights for a nominal fee.

This technique will reach a very large number of people in a relatively short period of time, and is one method of developing income just by having the launch of your e-book.

Obviously, the best way to generate more sales is to already have a product or service to sell, which you can link to in your viral e-book.

Links that you add on your e-book, should direct readers to your own web site or landing page, where more information about your products and services can be found.

When you are selling a tangible product, your viral e-book should focus on the benefits or features of your product, and persuade your readers to buy them.

Links included in your e-book will generate sales, and as the book becomes viral, more sales will be generated.

If you have any, it’s a good idea to include product buyer testimonials in your e-book .  If you don’t, solicit some from your contact list, and then include them in your book, along with a link to your website where they can purchase your product.

A special note about links that you plan to embed in your viral e-book.

Always remember to have your links open in a new window. This ensures that your reader will continue reading your e-book and still being able to browse the site that your link was directed to.

These are just a few viral marketing suggestions on how to generate sales with your e-book.

Always be creative; don’t be reserved in trying other viral e-book strategies and you will without a doubt become successful with your viral marketing.

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