Blogging Information: Why Not Start A Blog Or Two?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 28, 2009
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Blogs, short for web logs, are the most powerful method of communicating on the web today. They are easy to set up, mostly free, and the web search engines index them very quickly.

When properly set up they become a powerful marketing tool that can make an Internet newbie, with little to no cash, the proud owner of his own home based Internet business.

Some marketers consider blogs to be the perfect affiliate marketing tool. An interesting blog, on just about any subject that gets some decent traffic, can generate quite a bit of income when the affiliate links are strategically placed.

You can start your blog by following the steps suggested below.

Go to or to sign up for a new blog.  Both are free and both have many features and themes available for your use.

Go to Google and do a search on “blog sites” or whatever niche you plan on blogging about.  Write down the features you like the most and incorporate them into your blog as you construct it.  You can always change what you don’t like later.

Decide on whether your blog is going to be personal or if you are starting a business blog.  You can get some good ideas by doing a search on the search engines, and deciding how you want your blog viewed.

You can have your blog open to the Internet, or in the case of a personal blogs, you can just allow friends and family to view it.  Again this can be changed later, however, if you do create a personal blog and later decide on changing it to a business blog, you would be better off just creating a second blog.

Use your creativity when designing your blog.  Try to be unique with it’s appearance. The free blog sites mentioned have options for changing themes, color schemes, font colors, background colors or pictures, and “widgets” that can be juggled around to incorporate just about anything and enhance the layout of your blog.

Play around with the settings and layouts until you get what you like.   You can edit your heart out with blogs.

When you are happy with the look of your blog you are ready to post.

Write a post, spell check it, and preview what you have written to see how it is presented on the web.  If you are happy with your post, save it and publish what you have written.

If your blog is a personal blog, you are finished; just give your blog title and URL to whoever you want to share your blog with.

If you are creating a blog for business purposes, there are some business marketing strategies you need to know about.

In future posts, I will explain some methods to use to increase website traffic and some tricks to monetize your site.

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