Viral Marketing: Techniques To Increase Web Traffic

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 1, 2009
Posted Under: Viral Marketing Strategies

Regardless which viral marketing technique you choose to increase web traffic to your site, it will not work unless you generate adequate interest in what you are marketing.

Targeting clients by using free email courses, can be a successful viral marketing technique to increase traffic, if it is done properly.

Email marketing has long been hailed as a successful internet marketing strategy.   If it was not so effective, no one would ever be bothered with spam in their email in box.

Free email courses that provide a bona fide service and are actually useful, tend to be spread about by the clients that receive them.

When you have produced a truly useful product, people will naturally want to share the product or service with their friends and relatives.

When you include your website link  in the free email course, the product then becomes viral, and your web traffic will increase as your course is disseminated.

Adding your website address, along with a brief description about your site,  below your email signature, has a multiplying effect and can also increase traffic to your website.

As you send emails in the normal course of a business day,  you are potentially advertising your web site and increasing your web traffic.

You can easily format your email settings to include your link, and comments with almost all the email programs in use today.

See for yourself how powerful viral marketing really is.

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