Video Marketing: Using Online Video Websites Can Make Your Business!

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 22, 2009
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Using online video websites, to increase your website ranking in the search engines, is a relatively new marketing technique, that is extremely effective and cost efficient.

The search engines use content to rank your website, as well as the many other factors that are used in search engine optimization.

Using online video websites to visually promote your website’s content, can create a great deal of interest, and virally generate substantial amounts of free, targeted traffic.

Online video websites, are sites that house a varied selection of videos, created by people just like yourself; and have been steadily increasing in popularity.

You can use online video websites to produce a video that showcases your product or service, and generally explain to the public why your business is needed by them.

Online video websites are the perfect medium to visually describe your business, show graphic samples of your work,  promote yourself,  and your online website.

You can literally produce your own video commercial about your online business, but first, a few words of caution.

Try to keep your video as general as possible, and not make it seem like promoting your business and increasing sales, is the only goal of your video.

Try to make your video unique, and useful for your viewer, just as you do with the  written content on your website.

Use your artistic abilities and creativity, to produce a video that will grab, and keep the viewers attention.

Offer information about your business at the end of your video presentation along with a discreet link to your website,  if you so choose.

Remember that using online video websites can make your business, but if over sold, may do some harm to your cause.

You can promote your business without being too pushy; most viewers do not appreciate watching videos that appear as spam type commercials.  They see enough of that on television!

The more viewers that see your video, the greater your chances are of attracting them to your website, therefore; use an online video website that is popular,such as Google Video or You Tube to get the most viewers possible.

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