Using Google Ad Links To Increase Your AdSense Earnings

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 23, 2010
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If you are an AdSense publisher, you should consider using Google Ad Links to increase your AdSense earnings.
Google Ad Links units, are menus of 4 or 5 keywords, which are displayed on your web page as subject links.

These ‘subject’ Ad Links, are relevant, and targeted to the content of your web pages.

When a visitor to your web site clicks on a link, they are shown a list of ads by Google particular to that keyword, and if the visitor clicks on that particular ad, you receive a commission.

You might be now asking yourself, why do I need Google Ad Links, instead of the Ad Units I currently use?

Well, the obvious answer is that using Google Ad Links Units will increase your AdSense click through rate earnings.

Google allows you to place a maximum of there AdSense codes on each web page of your site.

Some websites appear to have more AdSense advertising on their web pages, than useful content.

Too many AdSense advertisements can detract visitors from staying on your site, and most visitors don’t really care to be bombarded with advertisements.

To achieve the best results, it’s better to place only one AdSense code near to the main content of your web page.

You might think that by placing only one Google Ad Links code on your web page, you will lose out on getting some AdSense clicks.  However, this is NOT the case.

When you place an Ad Links code that displays 5 related keywords on your web page; you actually get access to a total of 44 AdSense ads, and if Google cannot find any keywords related to your web page, they display a small search box where your visitors can search for the keyword of their choice.

With the search box, Google shows all of the Adsense Ads related to the keyword that you visitor searched for.

Another advantage of using Google Ad Links is that they are displayed like a vertical menu, with a single subject link on each line.

Even though the code still shows, ‘Ads by Google’;  it looks like part of your vertical menu, and that is a definite advantage.

If you dislike the vertical menu style, you can always use the leader board style placed just before your web page content, and just under the title of your website.

Try using Google Ad Links to increase your AdSense earnings; you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the change.

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