How to optimize for Google Social Search

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 11, 2010
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Learning how to optimize for Google Social Search, is of the utmost importance now that blended searches have become more commonplace and are competing with natural organic searches.

Social search results can now be added to the images, videos, news, local, paid, and real-time searches that compete with natural organic search listings in Google.

The Google Social Search results now have the potential to push organic searches completely off the visible results page.

To optimize for Google Social Search, you need to first have a Google profile.

Your Google profile should provide information about you, as well as all website links you want to promote.

This includes your primary website, your blog, and your social profile.

Your social profile should include URLs such as MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, FriendFeed, Facebook, and any other social network profile you have.

Although Facebook and some other networks may not be indexed by Google, it’s still a good idea to link those profiles to your Google profile.  Ultimately the links will be found in Google Social Search results.

To increase your exposure in Google Social Search, get as many Gmail and Google Chat contacts as possible.
You can also add your Twitter followers.

Even though it is time consuming, it’s well worth it because not only will you contacts see you in their Google Social Search results, you have the potential to be seen by all your friends of friends, and connections of your connections.  As you add connections, your reach will grow and become viral.

To optimize for Google Social Search, keep your content relevant and of the highest quality.

If you aggressively pursue new contacts in your campaign to expand your social reach, don’t bother posting poor quality, keyword loaded content.

Remember that the Social Search results are targeted to friends and trusted contacts.  So in order to maintain your credibility and trustworthiness, only post ‘top drawer’ content.

With the continuously growing  Twitter and Facebook social phenomenon, it is unwise and unprofitable to be antisocial these days on the web.

Optimizing your Google Profile while the competition is fairly low, will tremendously benefit your social media and SEO efforts.

You can bet that Social Search is not going anywhere soon, so it’s probably a good idea to optimize for Google Social Search sooner rather than later.

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