Squeeze Pages: Who Are You Anyway?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 18, 2010
Posted Under: List Building

Unfortunately, most people don’t bother to link their squeeze pages with their identity.

This is definitely a No, No, and a major mistake made by many email marketers.

People want to know who you are, so why not tell them?

Here’s a typical scenario of what often happens when you don’t bother linking your squeeze page with your identity.

Your potential customer opts in and signs up on one of your squeeze pages to receive your free newsletter, report, or ebook.

They become preoccupied with other business online, and in an hour or two, they finally get around to checking their emails.

Your potential customer then scans through their in box, and notices that you sent something to them, but they don’t remember or have a clue as to who you are.  They don’t connect you with the subject of the email.

The net effect is lost business from a customer that couldn’t identify you.

This problem has a simple solution.

Since it’s a fact that most people almost always look at the SENDER name, before they bother looking at the SUBJECT line column in their in boxes; you simply need to be linking your name with your squeeze page, in some memorable way.

Creating some sort of connection between your squeeze page and your name, will ensure that when people check their emails and look at the subject line first; they will remember why your name is there and click on your link.

No one seems to know why people read the SENDERs name before the SUBJECT;  it just seems to be a human quirk.   In any event, you can generate more responses by creating “catchy” subject lines so your prospects can better identify to you.

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