Affiliate Marketing: Why Affiliate Marketers Love Testimonials

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 18, 2010
Posted Under: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers love testimonials for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they influence the purchasing behavior and decisions of consumers.

The main role of testimonials in affiliate marketing, is to promote an affiliate site.

There is no doubt that a carefully chosen testimonial can be extremely helpful in convincing a prospect to try out an affiliate product, a membership, or some service.

Testimonials can definitely influence behavior and a consumer’s buying decision when used properly.

Affiliate marketers love testimonials and regularly publish them from satisfied customers on their web pages for other visitors to view.

There are many fairly new affiliate marketing programs in the industry that are quietly operating under the radar.  Because affiliate marketing is so competitive, their relative anonymity can often work against them.

In order to stand out from the crowd, these affiliate marketing programs invite famous personalities or gurus to speak for them, and through testimonials increase their credibility.

This can be quite expensive if the celebrity has a large following, regardless of the testimonial’s effectiveness.  And many affiliate marketers just can’t afford to pay celebrities to use their name on their site.

In order to effectively compete, affiliate marketers have turned to using testimonials from customers and family members who have achieved some degree of success in the program that they are promoting.

A well written testimonial from a satisfied customer that is based on a first hand experience or event can be just as convincing as that from any celebrity.

This is why affiliate marketers love testimonials; they are cost effective and extremely effective.

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