Guest Blogging: Use Guest Blogging To Generate Targeted Traffic

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 16, 2010
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Most marketers overlook, or simply don’t realize that guest blogging can be a great way to generate laser targeted traffic to their websites.

Although guest blogging is not really a new traffic source; not many people use this technique to generate targeted traffic.

How many of you are now using this extremely powerful strategy to generate traffic to your website?  I’ll wager not many of you do!

Guest blogging is a great way to expose your material to a completely new audience for free.

At the end of your blog post, you get to include your brand, your name, and a back link to your website. It’s almost like writing an article for an ezine article directory.

Getting a popular blog to post your content, is not really that difficult when you provide good content.  Like anything else, it all boils down to value.

  • The first step is to develop a relationship with the blogger, that you want to provide your very best guest post content for.

You can do this by first making insightful comments on their blog; something unique that really stands out from the other comments is what you’re aiming for.

Do this for about a couple of weeks, and then shoot them an email telling them how much you really enjoy reading their blog.

If you can foster a personal connection with the blogger, do so.  You can check out their “about me” page, or Google them to find out about their personal interests, hobbies, music, etc.  Weave this information into a personalized email, to create a deeper relationship with the blogger.

Be sincere with your compliments and your blogger will usually be receptive and respond in kind with their own personalized email.

  • Once your relationship has sufficiently developed, you can suggest doing a blog post for them.

Usually a blogger will jump at the chance of posting your article; provided it contains useful, valuable, interesting content.  Most bloggers are always on the lookout for free content, and are usually receptive to guest blogging.

  • Next all you need to do is create the best blog content possible, add your brand, your name, and back link to your website; and your content will be disseminated to thousands of new readers.

If you have never tried to use guest blogging to generate targeted traffic; you’re overlooking one of the best strategies of increasing targeted web traffic, and exposure to your website.

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